Sunday, August 31, 2008

Campaign Updates - Poster, News Stories, 78666

A couple of updates: 

First, we have our first campaign poster:


Second, we have have received some news coverage from various sources both print and online virtual communities.  Check out these these links:

The race is on - San Marcos Daily Record

The race is on

Narvaiz draws two opponents in mayoral bid
By Anita Miller
News Editor
Published: August 27, 2008 12:34 pm

San Marcos — The Nov. 4 elections just got more interesting locally.

Mayor Susan Narvaiz, who ran unopposed two years ago, has drawn two opponents in her quest for election to a third term. Council member Place Four Chris Jones has drawn one opponent; and two are vying for the Council Place 3 seat.

Not only that, residents will get a chance to weigh in on extending drinking hours until 2 a.m. – in a non-binding referendum – and vote on 22 amendments to the City Charter.

Challenging Narvaiz, 50, president and CEO of Core Strategies Inc. are 51-year-old Dave Newman, a retired airline transport pilot, and Daniel Dan McCarthy, 20, a student.

Jones, 25, is a career advisor first elected to city council when he was a student at Texas State University. Challenging him is 40-year-old Lisa Marie Coppoletta, an academic advisor/professor.

Seeking the Place 3 seat of Guerrero, who withdrew his name Aug. 18 due to business opportunities, are Saul Gonzales, 46, a maintenance engineer, and Fred A. Terry, 56, a real estate agent.
The rest of the story is located here:  The race is on

Lisa Marie Opposes Chris Jones - Home Page

Just check out the story by clicking on the link below:

I have copied and pasted the story below:

Lisa Marie Opposes Chris Jones
By: Martian
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Just when we thought we were going to get another term of one of the worse Council members we have ever had a URL gets passed to me proving otherwise.
Seems a little Left leaning but at least she has goals. I can't think of a single thing Chris Jones has done for San Marcos. Well do you count being a patsy for the Mayor as an accomplishment?
Name: the watcher
A little left in San Marcos would represent at least 1/4 of the population. Nothing on her website strikes me as too weird. Someone has described the incumbant as furniture and inconsequential. The alternative in this election is Lisa Marie. Why the hell not.
Name: Lawrence
Looking at his website one can't help but get the impression that Jones is a classic ticket puncher, using the council as a stepping stone to bigger gigs. Let's help him on his way by electing Lisa Marie Coppoletta. Change is good and inevitable.
Name: Real Martian
Jones hardly seems like a ticket-puncher. If he were, he would have moved on to bigger gigs.
Change is inevitable. Change back to the 70s is folly. Besides, Lisa has no big issues on her radar.
Name: cm1277
Are you serious? Do you follow up on the council or attend meetings? How can you logically say that Chris Jones is the most useless member and a patsy for the mayor? You do not know what you are talking about and you don't have any idea of the work he has done or time he puts in.
Name: Lawrence
R. Martian- 23 university committees and 6 current organizations seems like ticket punching to me. 

Event: 2008 SMABOR City Council Debate

Following is the information for our annual upcoming debate:

Event: 2008 SMABOR City Council Debate

Location: Hill Country Events Center (formally Valhalla Hall

Date: Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Lunch will be served from 11:00 – 11:30
Debate begins promptly at 11:30


¨ Each candidate is allowed brief opening remarks period.

¨ Each candidate is allowed a short response (between 1.5 to 2.5 minutes, exact time will be announced at Debate) for approximately 3-5 questions which will be fundamentally based in real estate and/or economic development.

¨ Candidate seating and the order in which they will answer the questions will be determined by rolling a dice prior to the debate.

¨ Each new question will rotate Candidate order and the Mayoral race will be separated from the City Council races. Each candidate is allowed brief closing remarks.

¨ Within one (1) week prior to the Debate, each candidate will be provided with questions to be submitted either in writing or electronically by the time of the Debate.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The List: Narvaiz draws two challengers - San Marcos Mercury

The List: Narvaiz draws two challengers
Posted on 26 August 2008
Filing in the Nov. 4 city council election ended at 5 p.m. today. Here are the candidates:

Susan Clifford Narvaiz
Name on Ballot: Susan Clifford Narvaiz
1507 Parkview Lane
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Date Filed: July28, 2008
D/B: 5-17-1958
Office 512-353-4633
Home 512-396-6059
Occupation: CEO
Campaign Treasurer: Gloria Salazar
1614 Mockingbird Drive
San Marcos, Texas 78666

David Michael Newman
Name on Ballot: Dave Newman
128 E. Holland
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Date Filed: August 25, 2008
D/B: 9-15-1956
Office: 832-213-7186
Home: 512-754-0083
Occupation: Retired Airline Transport Pilot
Campaign Treasurer: Daniel A. Praver
1029 W. MLK Dr.
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Daniel Jerome McCarthy
Name on Ballot: Daniel Dan McCarthy
905 Hillyer St.
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Date Filed: August 26, 2008
D/B: 11-12-1987
Office: 512-921-4157
Occupation: Student
Campaign Treasurer: Chase Saladino
714 Peques St.
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Saul Gonzales
Name on Ballot: Saul Gonzales
816 Stagecoach Trl.
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Date Filed: August 25, 2008
D/B: 2-3-62
Office: 512-753-3891
Home: 512-754-0808
Occupation: Maintenance Engineer
Campaign Treasurer: Gloria Montague
250 South Stagecoach Tr.
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Frederick Adolph Terry
Name on Ballot: Fred A. Terry
300 S. Stagecoach Trail #3322
Mailing: P.O. Box 1517
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Date Filed: August 26, 2008
D/B: 12-4-51
Office: 512-392-2100
Home: 512-738-7038
Occupation: Realtor
Campaign Treasurer: Fred Adolph Terry
P.O. Box 1517
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Christopher Jones
Name on Ballot: Christopher Jones
310 Pat Garrison B2
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Date Filed: July 28, 2008
D/B: 4-15-1983
Office 512-878-1142
Home 512-878-1142
Occupation: Career Advisor
Campaign Treasurer: Harvey Miller

Lisa M. Coppoletta
Name on Ballot: Lisa Marie Coppoletta
516 Harvey Street
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Date Filed: August 25, 2008
D/B: 7-12-1968
Home 713-560-8153
Occupation: Academic Advisor/Professor
Campaign Treasurer: Lisa M. Coppoletta
516 Harvey St.
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Your San Marcos City Council Candidates: Class of 2008

Your San Marcos City Council Candidates: Class of 2008
Posted on August 26, 2008 at 8:26 pm • Print • Share
The race for San Marcos City Council seats has heated up these last two days. Mayor Susan Clifford Narvaiz, who was the first to file, is being challenged by David Newman, a retired airline transport pilot, and Daniel McCarthy, a student at Texas State University.

(Please see yesterday’s Newstreamz story on Newman’s filing). Daniel McCarthy, a public administration major, noted: “This is an unprecedented opportunity for the students to vote in national and local elections simultaneously. Running as a student will maximize this opportunity.” Mayor Narvaiz kicked off her campaign on July 6 before officially filing on July 28, Narvaiz made the decision to seek re-election “after many requests from citizens and supporters, conversations with family and dear friends and much prayer.” Narvaiz cited her support of the city government’s new financial policy, the new land development code, and initiating the “one-stop” permit center for processing permitting and development requests. Narvaiz also pointed to the completion of the Wonder World Drive Overpass and the Yarrington Bridge Overpass and her support for the McCarty Lane/FM 110 Loop project among other infrastructure initiatives.

Saul Gonzales, a maintenance engineer at Central Texas Medical Center, and Fred Terry, a local realtor, have both filed for council member, place three, which is now an open seat due to the incumbent, Daniel Guerreo withdrawing as a candidate on August 18. Both have served as members of the San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission.

Eric Brillhart who had told this reporter yesterday that he intended to file today, failed to file. Mr. Brillhart could not be reached for comment.

Christopher Jones, incumbent city council member, place four, has filed for re-election. Jones, a career advisor and Texas State graduate, is being challenged by Lisa Coppoleta, an academic advisor for the College of Education at Texas State University. If elected, Ms Coppoleta wants the city to establish a “no Kill” shelter, develop Eco-tourism, funding for at-risk youth, and “full funding” of the Youth Shelter. Coppoleta ran for city council in 1993.

Election day for city council seats is November 4, the same as the presidential election date. Early voting runs from October 20 to 31.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Few Days Log Entries

* Coming out of retirement from being a community activist and filing for City Council
* Documentary on the process begins tomorrow
* Campaign blog being built by one of my campaign managers on 08/20/08
* filed for Place 4 on 8/21/08
* 72 myspace supporters on day 1 8/22/08 of internet campaign
* 104 myspace supporters on day 2 8/23/08 of internet campaign
*08/24/08: created youtube page
* uploaded "Kaela Interruptus" video from clip from documentary to youtube page
*144 myspace supporters on day 3 08/24/08
* 164 myspace supporters on day 4 08/25/08
* 184 myspace supporters on day 5 08/26/08

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Campaign Poster

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Initial Campaign Thoughts

On August 21, 2008 I filed for Place 4 on the San Marcos City Council.
It has been almost two decades since I first decided to be of service to our fair city by becoming a candidate for city council. San Marcos has been my home since 1986 and as an educator of students who later became educators themselves, I have been privileged to watch many of our youth grow up to be enlightened adults thanks to the combined efforts of the city and the university.

I am an instructor of Speech Communication at Austin Community College and University Seminar here at Texas State. I am an Academic Advisor I for the College of Education at Texas State and work primarily with Health, Physical Education, Recreation Students as well as students who have completed their undergraduate coursework working on teacher's certification. In my spare time I work as a multimedia artist with my mediums being: spoken word, sound design, video compositing and animation.

My main issues are three-fold a no kill shelter for dogs and cats, fostering an accelerated eco tourism through a variety of innovative programs and creating new programs for at-risk-youth by utilizing computers for independent filmmaking/music production.

Since San Marcos has both the natural resources and talent in its local citizens to enhance eco-tourism to the point where it can regenerate and sustain itself and make a profit, it becomes a win-win situation as an exceptionally viable option for boosting our local economy. Through grants and cooperation with the eco-tourism both the no kill shelter and youth programs can be funded. The youth programs would also foster partnerships with Texas State students and youth who are born and raised here in San Marcos.

My Campaign Philosophy:
Let the Experience Speak for Itself: I look forward to open and honest public debates where candidates can share perceptions and policy implementation options frankly with San Marcos public and address their past accomplishes and vision for the future. My professional, academic and activism experience proves that I can foster leadership with an infusion of technology, proactive government and ethical decision making for our citizens, youth and natural resources.

Document the Process: Since I believe that no candidate should run unopposed, especially in a community as pivotal to the IH 35 corridor I am creating a documentary to show the importance of our town and the process of political involvement.

Friday, August 22, 2008

It is Official!

It is official. I filed for Place 4 of the San Marcos City Council today! More updates soon on my stances on the issues.