Friday, October 31, 2008

University Star - Fair & Equal Access

The article "Walk to Change: Organized walk rallies students to go to early voting polls" is completely untrue. I will be deconstructing it in my documentary.

I will also discuss e-mail correspondence on the part of the editor to my university account {after he had recently ran a story that this was not allowed.} I will also speak to how the star would work with to the incumbent {by reporters admissions} over a duration of a week and then give me literally a few hours to respond to an article. I will also discuss how they, in their own word, "imbedded" me in an article 4 weeks late. And, electioneering in front of lbj all on tape with interview with star staff.

This story runs the day after I had spoken with the editor of the star and he advised there was no print space for future coverage on campaign for candidates and only room for propositions. He advised he had to cut a 500 word essay which our campaign devoted 40 hours to because I was the only candidate submitting a written response.

And prior to that cut a bio article that was promised over 3 times.

And, prior to that my address before the ASG was four week late with other fair and equal access issues surrounding the article.

And, since the editor himself advised they had no more space for election coverage both the student groups article and these two articles have been run featuring literally PARAGRAPHS of quotes on the incumbent:

Mock Convention: Democratic candidates encourage students to vote

Army recalls Bobcat to active duty in Iraq

Now this is what I call the University Bizarre.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Digital Town Square Online Debate - Where is the Incumbent?

Digital Town Square - Digital Town Hall - Online Chat Debate
What an awesome concept! At least that is what me and the reporters from the Statesman thought.

I cannot take credit for the coined term "Digital Town Square" or "Digital Town Hall" more than likely the latter. It was the Austin American Statesman reporter who coined the term. I posed the concept in the interview with the reporters and they really responded well to the idea. Once of the reporters even discussed doing a feature on this notion at a later date. I have lots of ideas of how this can be implemented with a variety of "rules" for the proposed format.

The incumbent's voice mail box is full - after leaving numerous messages trying to get this thing 'online'.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Answers to " Quick Question" posed by Daily Record

Got a call and this needs to be e-mailed stat. The request below whose subject header is "Quick question" was emailed at 2:33 PM.  I hear this word a zillion times a day at work and it just cracks me up that it is applied to questions posed to a candidate for a communication piece to be distributed to thousands in our community.  Here are my answers written on the fly because of this looming deadline.  Now, lets see if and when the article is actually published.

“20 years of experience living in San Marcos and working as a consensus builder on issues such as the municipal fiscal responsibility, environment, at-risk youth, and film and multimedia.”

“ I offer a unique plan to attract a new industry to the downtown which is aligned with our model of tourism to enhance the flow of commerce so that the dollar circulates throughout the city from small business to small business”

“Being recognized by Bob Bullock Museum as top actor/multimedia artist in state of Texas qualifies me to direct and cast San Marcos as a principal location for feature films, commercials and network television shows.”

“Cut waste and provide financial incentives for those that go green implementing sustainable forms of powering for their homes and businesses."

“Two degrees from SWT in Speech Communication and recognized as top graduate student and first undergraduate debater and only women to this day to attend the National Debate Tournament.”

“In addition to feature productions, a small independent film will often spend thousands of dollars in one day on catering, building supplies, and rental equipment. Feature productions are a proven success throughout America in states such as Michigan, Louisiana and New Mexico and cost citizens zero for free advertising of our respective cities.

“I’m especially concerned about the current national and global economy. “NOW, is the time for a proactive approach to ensure that downtown businesses prosper.”

“I encourage voters to review all of the debates which are posted at my website

“Throughout the campaign I have opened up online chats and would have an open line during city council meetings and prior for citizen input as an innovative way to use technology for communication regarding community concerns.”

Kritik on the 4th Estate

My documentary will have a healthy discussion on the role of the press in suppressing the messages of challenger candidates.

Wondering what Anita Miller wants? I've been waiting a month for these mysterious "questions."

Sorry, Anita - I'm campaigning right now and don't want to be distracted from your play in the realm of light and shadow. Just tell me in the voice mail what you want. I have the worlds best campaign manager in Daniel Scales.

Gosh, this is so frustrating. Now I have to stop the door-to-door to respond to Anita - I wonder if she will even publish it?

Credentials Correction for 10.27.08 - Austin American Statesman

"Correction for 10.27.08
Monday, October 27, 2008
An editorial on Page A12 Friday had incomplete information about the employment status of Lisa Marie Coppoletta, a candidate for San Marcos City Council Place 4. She is a full-time academic adviser at Texas State University-San Marcos in addition to being a speech instructor at Austin Community College and a part-time actor."

Here are the comparisons of the before and after corrections from the Statesman article:
Coppoletta, 40, is a full-time academic adviser at Texas State University as well as a speech instructor at Austin Community College and a part-time actor. Her campaign is based on attracting the film industry to San Marcos and pushing green issues. She is a smart, interesting candidate, but Jones has a more grounded view of city government.

Coppoletta, 40, is a speech instructor at Austin Community College and a part-time actor. Her campaign is based on attracting the film industry to San Marcos and pushing green issues. She is a smart, interesting candidate, but Jones has a more grounded view of city government.

Full story is located at this link:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Door-2-Door with Kendra

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yard Signs Targeted

Here is Daniel Scales fixing another nocked down sign at the early voting location at the library. So far 13 signs have been stolen.

Daniel is so diligent about getting up every morning and checking all of our signs throughout the city.

This is another sign pulled out of the ground right in front of the election administrator's office during early voting.

Leaflets - Neighborhoods

It is nice to be able to design and produce own campaign literature - rather than thousands of generic postcards. This is a virtual button for the facbook application.
These 4 by 4 leaflets are all designed, printed and cut "in-house" here on Harvey Street. Considering that we get 4 leaflets from one print per page, it is perfect for going door-to-door or at special events.

Texas Film Resources

Texas Film Commission

Austin Film Commission

Austin Film Society

Austin Film Casting


University of Texas Film Institute

Burnt Orange Productions

Femme Film Texas

Reel Women

Austin Film Guerilla

Texas Film Jobs

Bicycle Film Festival - Austin

South by Southwest

Texas Black Film Festival

Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF)

Austin Film Festival

Short Film Texas

Texas Association of Tape and Film Professionals

Texas Panhandle Film Commission

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Most Replied Thread at Community Forum Board

The Place 4 thread is the most replied thread in the history of


Top Thread at the Homepage

My race is the top responded thread at the home page of We have more responses than all the candidates combined.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Statesman Correction Forthcoming

The Austin American Statesman is running a correction on my primary vocation being an academic advisor.

I called the number on the invitation to be interviewed along with the incumbent at the Statesman office. Like a dork I did not ask for the business cards of the two reporters when I actually met them in person. As a side note, I felt that the reporters ran a fair interview and I enjoyed speaking with them.

After calling that number on the invite of the local Statesman reporter, I called the the correction hot line.

I received a phone call and the person I spoke to was exceptionally polite. He advised they would run a correction online and in the paper. Awesome!

Still from LOWV Debate

South Side Cancelled

Like the Southside event being cancelled is a big surprise.

Hello All,

I'm so sorry to announce that the Meet and Greet dinner at Sunrise Village this Wednesday the 29th has been canceled.

We found out that most of our seniors voted early, and subsequently sign-up rates for the event were super low.

Southside is grateful that you were all willing to come together on such short notice, at crunch-time, to acknowledge the importance of our senior population. Everybody's enthusiasm about the event was inspiring - It's a shame we don't get to follow through. Next year we'll rally you all a little earlier on the campaign trail, and catch the seniors before they race to the polls.

*** We apologize for the inconvenience***

Please reply to this email so I know you're aware of the cancellation. I'll be making follow-up calls on Monday if I haven't heard from you by then.

Thank you,

Yvonne Paris
Programs Director, Southside Community Center
(512) 392-6694 Ext. 28
(254) 702-3931

Student groups on campus are ensuring their voice is heard during early voting - University Star

This story is a complete SPIN and will be discussed in the documentary. Article runs day after the editor advised that there was no more room for election coverage thereby cutting a bio essay of 500 words that I was invited to write for the student population.

If you click on the the link you can see the full front page photo spread the University Star placed of the incumbent and then they handed out this edition to the students in front of LBJ Student Center during early voting box.

The University Star staff were interviewed on tape and admitted this was the first time the paper had handed out the paper at LBJ.

Student groups on campus are ensuring their voice is heard during early voting.
Posted on Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 11:45 am | By Teresa Wilburn

"Students gathered in The Quad Wednesday to take part in “Walk to Change,” a march from The Stallions to the early voting polls in the LBJ Center.

The event, organized by Omega Psi Phi and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternities and Black Student Alliance, was an effort to boost early voting on campus and get youths to the polls.

D’Anthony Howard, member of the Alpha Phi Alpha, said the two fraternities worked with Black Student Alliance for nearly a month, promoting early voting to students and faculty.

State Rep. Patrick Rose, D-45, and Councilmember Chris Jones, both up for re-election against Matt Young and Lisa Coppoletta respectively, met a crowd of enthusiastic students, encouraging them to march in unity to the LBJ Student Center to cast an early ballot.

Jones said he was excited to see so many people out in the crowd “ready for change.”

“I want to encourage each and every one of you to reflect while you march today,” he said. “To make changes in your life. First, change the amount of attention you pay to politics.”

Jones encouraged the audience to ask themselves what they can do to get connected politically.

“Spend some time on CNN,” he said. “Understand what they are talking about. Decisions are made by people who show up. That is why you have got to have the knowledge.”

People are ready to get involved, take control, and take charge of our future, he said. According to Jones, decisions related to higher education and taxes are issues students should pay close attention to.

Young people are perceived differently than older voters, he said.

“I want you guys to understand the perception of us: that we do not know anything,” Jones said. “We can change that today by marching and voting.”

Howard said he was excited to see his chapter and surrounding groups show up in large numbers to the event.

“We feel like this is a big election year,” said Howard, biology sophomore. “It is probably the most historic election ever and we feel it is important to be a part of that.”

Ryan Payne, history junior, was one student who participated in the march. Payne is involved with the Roosevelt Institution, a non-partisan policy-making think tank on campus.

“It shows our generation is finally coming together,” he said in reference to Wednesday’s event. “We believe in the American process of politics, and we can change the politics that have made the country so cynical.”

No campaign succeeds if everyone stays at home on the couch, Payne said.

“15,000 (Texas State students) are registered to vote and there are three different democratic mobilization groups, all supporting different candidates, including down-ballot candidates,” he said. “We are changing the way it looks.”

The next early voting opportunities on campus are Oct. 29 and Oct. 30 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Students need bring a proper I.D."

Statesman Endorsement

Ok, so the Statesman endorsed the two incumbents - WOW - to be called smart and a green candidate is good enuf endorsement for me!

Keep San Marcos mayor, council incumbents - Austin American Statesman

Keep San Marcos mayor, council incumbents
Friday, October 24, 2008

San Marcos voters face a Nov. 4 general election ballot that includes an election for mayor, one City Council seat, 22 propositions and one nonbinding referendum on extending the hours for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

In the mayor's race, Daniel McCarthy and Dave Newman are challenging incumbent Susan Clifford Narvaiz. Place 3 Council Member Fred Terry has no opponent, and Lisa Marie Coppoletta is challenging Place 4 incumbent Christopher Jones.


Narvaiz, 50, seeks her third term as mayor and deserves re-election. Though the council's adoption of a downtown San Marcos revitalization plan stirred up controversy and opposition, she defends the decision eloquently.

To lead is to choose, and choices leaders make are going to make somebody unhappy.

Real leaders make decisions, and Narvaiz is a leader.

Newman, 52, is a retired airline pilot who is critical of the downtown effort and wants to attract industry to create jobs. Though job creation and sprawl prevention are laudable goals, Narvaiz has experience in those areas that political newcomer Newman can't match.

McCarthy, 20, is a Texas State University Student.

City Council, Place 4

Jones, 25, was a Texas State University student when he was elected to the City Council three years ago. He has since graduated, started work as a career adviser for the university and is working on a master's degree.

Jones has learned a lot and should be re-elected.

Jones wants San Marcos to grow but maintain its small-town feel. He wants to pay for improvements through traditional instruments like tax increment financing. He also would like to see a transportation authority established for the city as it heads toward a population of 50,000. He said he is working on environmental issues, as well, including recycling and converting the city fleet to hybrid vehicles.

Coppoletta, 40, is a speech instructor at Austin Community College and a part-time actor. Her campaign is based on attracting the film industry to San Marcos and pushing green issues. She is a smart, interesting candidate, but Jones has a more grounded view of city government.

The 22 propositions on the ballot are arcane and meaningless to most voters. But they are necessary to clean up the city charter. The referendum on extending bar hours to 2 a.m. is nonbinding but will give the council a sense of where voters stand on the issue.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Senior citizens invited to meet and greet dinner with slew of local candidates - Newstreamz

Senior citizens invited to meet and greet dinner with slew of local candidates

Posted in: Community Groups & Nonprofits, News, People, San Marcos

Southside Community Center is rallying all candidates in the San Marcos and Hays County elections to gather for a “Meet and Greet” dinner at Sunrise Village Retirement Community on Wednesday the 29th at 6:00 pm. All senior citizens across Hays County are invited, and encouraged to attend.

This is a great opportunity for local seniors to come out and meet the big decision-makers in their area. Candidates will have a platform to speak a little about themselves and their campaign to the seniors. Seniors can pose any questions or concerns they may have about local issues to the candidates.

So far, the following candidates will be in attendance at the “Meet and Greet” dinner:

Susan Narvaiz for Mayor; Dave Newman for Mayor; Daniel Dan McCarthy for Mayor; Fred A. Terry for Council Member Place 3; Chris Jones for Council Member Place 4; Lisa Marie Coppoletta for Council Member Place 4; Luanne Caraway for County Tax Accessor; Robert Avera for County Tax Accessor; Nick Ramus for County Commissioner Pct. 1; Debbie Gonzales Ingalsbe for County Commissioner Pct. 1; Bill Wyatt for County Commissioner Pct. 1; Will Conley for County Commissioner Pct. 3; Steve Klepfer for County Commissioner Pct. 3; Rodney VanOudekerke for Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Place 1; Jo Anne Prado for Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Place 1; Matt Mancillas III for Constable Pct. 5; Allen Bridges for Sheriff.

Southside Community Center is waiting on word from the remaining candidates to see if they will be in attendance. Announcements will be made as these responses come in.

Darrell W. Ayres for Constable Pct. 3 and James H. Kohler for Constable Pct. 2 are unable to attend.

It will not be a debate, but a relaxed “Meet and Greet” mixer over dinner. Dinner and door prizes will be provided by Southside Community Center.

Sunrise Village Retirement Community is located at 500 Parker Drive, off Broadway, in San Marcos. The event will be held in the Community Center II building of Sunrise Village. For directions or more information about the retirement community call (512) 754-7230.

For more information about the event or Southside Community Center, call Yvonne Paris at (512) 392-6694 Ext. 28.

from Southside Community Center

Presidential Professors - University Star

Presidential Professors
Posted on Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 11:20 am 
By University Star Editorial Board
Opinions election Texas State professors
Texas State faculty and staff were recently reminded of their restricted role in political activities on campus.
“There are state laws and university policy that prohibits using state property for political purposes or to influence an election” said University Attorney William Fly in the Oct. 16 issue of The University Star. Chris Jones and Lisa Coppoletta, who are running against each other for the Place 4 seat on the City Council, said they have managed to keep their campaigns separate from their duties on campus though there are events going on throughout the workday.
To read the rest of the story please visit this link:
Presidential Professors

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Incumbent Refuses University Star Essay

WHOA!!!!!! cannot believe that the incumbent refused to submit an essay to university star for students. Straight from the editor just now!!!!! To the editor, I requested the incumbent's campaign reconsider since we spent some 40 hours on the article. The deadline is Thursday - will the incumbent speak to the students? Is this not a story in and of itself on such a historical election year? Wow wonders never cease in San Marcos politics!

League of Women Voters hosts debate - Newstreamz

League of Women Voters hosts debate
Posted in: Cops & Courts, Hays County, KyleBuda, News, San Marcos, Texas State University
by Rasmi Hunt
"The first issue on the plate for Council Member Place 4 candidates was affordable housing. Lisa Marie Coppoletta said there needed to be open lines of communication within the community when it involved housing costs. Incumbent Place 4 City Councilmember Chris Jones asked what the definition of affordable housing was.

“$80,000 won’t buy you a house in San Marcos,” he said. “It’ll buy you a condo.”

On the issue of revitalizing the downtown area, Jones proposed the introduction of a county-wide EMS system, tax increment financing and keeping the local money downtown. Coppoletta proposed keeping the pre-existing businesses alive by making San Marcos a desirable location for the film industry."
To read the rest of the story please visit this linK:
League of Women Voters hosts debate

NOTE: For some reason our debate is the only video that has yet to be uploaded for online viewing. This debate was broadcast live on Time Warner and was a packed house. I have called Newsteamz and posted a note on their facebook fan page.  They are nice enough to agree for me to use the footage for my documentary.  But, where is our debate online?  Everyone else's is up.

Stills from Campaigning at LBJ During Early Voting

with Daniel McCarthy Candidate for Mayor

Daniel McCarthy Candidate for Mayor



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

City Council hosts debate amongst local, state election candidates - University Star

City Council hosts debate amongst local, state election candidates
Posted on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 10:35 am 
By Katie Tomasino
Published in University Star, October 21, 2008, Volume 98, No. 23
News City Council debates elections
The future of San Marcos was a key talking point for local politicians Monday night.
"The main issues discussed in the City Council Place 4 race were centered on affordable housing and the revitalization of downtown.

“We must establish what affordable housing is,” said incumbent Councilmember Chris Jones. “We have to evaluate our policies to make sure they aren’t affecting prices of homes.”

Challenger Lisa Marie Coppoletta suggested cutting city spending as a possible solution.

“We’ve got to cut waste spending,” Coppoletta said. “We need to create innovative programs for affordable housing.”

Both candidates agreed the revitalization of downtown is instrumental for city growth. Coppoletta proposed bringing the film industry to the area, which she said would be a unique way for San Marcos to capture a new tourism market.

Jones suggested using revenue generated from downtown as a way to fund its revitalization.

“All of the money spent in downtown, should stay downtown,” Jones said."
To read the rest of the article please visit this link:
City Council hosts debate amongst local, state election candidates

Monday, October 20, 2008

LOWV Debates

Clip 1 – Opening Statements

Clip 2 – Affordable Housing

Clip 3 – Plan for Downtown Businesses

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hays County - San Antonio Express News
Web Posted: 10/18/2008 8:19 CDT

"City Council, Place 4

Chris Jones (I)
25, career advisor
In 2004, Jones became the first college student elected to the city council in 33 years. He helped establish the student liaison program between Texas State University students and the city council.

Lisa Marie Coppoletta
40, academic advisor
Coppoletta promotes bicycle paths and other measures to revitalize downtown and wants to “make full use of the available tax abatements for the film industry” and to promote art and film festivals in the city."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

5 Yard Signs Stolen Last Night!

I am only spending $500.00 on my campaign.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Faculty, staff warned to use own time for politics - University Star

Here is an excerpt from the article. I was actually given very little time to respond to the reporter's question. Which ironically she sent me via university e-mail. She admitted that the incumbent had been working with them all week on the article. This was added stress in preparation for the Statesman interview. The Statesman interview is a mini-debate in which two reporters will fire questions to both candidates. 

Faculty, staff warned to use own time for politics
Posted on Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 12:52 pm | By Lora Collins
Published in University Star, October 16, 2008, Volume 98, No. 22
News faculty political activism
"According to Vernon’s Texas Codes Announced Government, a state employee cannot use property of state agency resources for personal political purposes.

Two university employees are running for Place 4 in the City Council race.

City Councilmember Chris Jones, advisor in Career Services, said his bid for re-election has not affected his work with the school.

“I attempt to schedule meetings before work, during lunch or after work,” Jones said in an e-mail. “If I cannot avoid scheduling something during the work day, I take vacation and comp time to attend. There is a clear separation between my campaign and my work obligations. However, the focus is somewhat the same. My goal at the end of the day is to provide students and citizens with the voice and resources needed to be successful and happy.”

Lisa Coppoletta, also running for City Council Place 4, said she has been involved with Texas State for 20 years and believes “it is vital we — on the campus — are involved in civic matters.”

“I am fortunate that my department has flex scheduling,” Coppoletta, advisor with the college of education, said through e-mail, “Therefore, I can campaign during the day and work in the evenings to make up these hours. Additionally, having vacation time is helpful to take off days for interviews or debates. Being on campus as an instructor, staff and student affords me a unique perspective on the synergistic components affecting both the university and San Marcos.”

According to Fly, little disciplinary action is needed.

“Worst case scenario is they (faculty and staff) could suffer disciplinary action,” Fly said. “I think the first response, however, would be just to advise them — if they are violating the law — that they shouldn’t do that anymore. More acting in the role of educators instead of policemen.”
To read the rest of the story please visit:
Faculty, staff warned to use own time for politics

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ASG continues hosting city candidate speaking series - University Star

ASG continues hosting city candidate speaking series
Posted on Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 9:26 am
By Alex Hering
News ASG discussions election
Lisa Marie Coppoletta, City Council place 4 candidate, addressed ASG with Mayor Susan Narviaz in the first installment of the series.

Coppoletta said her main goal as a City Council member would be to increase resident involvement through music and film festivals.

“I have a plan to capture a unique market through film production tax abatements handed down from the state legislature,” she said.

She said the surge in economy and employment would benefit San Marcos residents and students.

“This would also create a fast track program for students,” Coppoletta said. “This would also create an opportunity for jobs for the Texas State post-graduates working in production or on film sets.”

Coppoletta said she was opposed to increased water or electric bills that could affect local or retired residents on fixed incomes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

San Marcos elections: the numbers- Statesman Blog

From the Blog
San Marcos elections: the numbers
By Andrea Lorenz | Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 05:25 PM
In this race, Narvaiz has a financial gain, having collected $17,210 in September, over Newman’s $1,461. A third candidate, Texas State University student Daniel McCarthy, doesn’t have to turn in finance forms because he signed a document saying he won’t collect more than $500.

Council Member Chris Jones is fighting for his Place 4 seat against Lisa Marie Coppoletta, a university professor. Jones collected $3,636 in September. Coppoletta also does not have to turn in finance forms.
The entire blog post is located here.

Link from Statesman blog to list of incumbent's donors

Monday, October 13, 2008

Newstreamz Article with Podcast Enclosure

Coppoletta, educator, promises to be consensus builder to address city problems
By Ed Milhalkanin
Posted in: News, San Marcos
Click below to listen to the interview with Lisa Coppoletta
Standard Podcast [17:35m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download
Lisa Coppoletta, challenger to incumbent Place 4 City Councilmember Chris Jones, is running for office because, “I believe I’m the most qualified in terms of experience” with neighborhoods, education, and working collaboratively with residents. Coppoletta, in support of her claim, pointed to her two degrees in speech communication from Texas State University and to her teaching experiences in local San Marcos schools and at Texas State University.

Coppoletta expressed concern over what she called “excessive expenditures” of the San Marcos city government due to hiring outside firms. She said city money spent on outside consultants is “money that leaves the citizen’s pockets” which could have been used for capital improvement projects. She added that such consultants simply don’t know as much about San Marcos as its citizens do.

Giving city government monies to the outlet malls is a policy that Coppoletta questions. Instead, Coppoletta said she wants to see city government adopt an abatement program to attract film companies to produce films, television programs and commercials in San Marcos. She argued tax dollars will be spent locally instead of the money going out of the city.

Coppoletta believes San Marcos can attract production companies because of what she calls “a historical downtown district that is second to none” with a “unique downtown face”, wonderful locations in surrounding areas, and a “unique culture” with a diverse population ethnically and a large university student population. Coppoletta pointed to the filming of part of “The Ringer” in San Marcos as an example of job possibilities for residents and students from film production in the city.

She said San Marcos is a wonderful place for graduating Texas State students, but she wants to see more “good jobs for our graduates.” She said it’s important to attract outside industries to San Marcos in areas that Texas State graduates have expertise in.

Coppoletta said high water rates have been a concern for her for over twenty years. She alleges, “a lot of that money was spent on travel.” Coppoletta said, “It’s an example of waste” and a suggestion to alleviate it is to do a better job monitoring city employees at work sites. Coppoletta said high rates hurt students, people on fixed incomes and retirees. “There’s no reason for us to increase water rates [and] that is something you can count on me, as an elected official, to fight every step of the way.”

She said the three most important issues facing San Marcos in the next five years are: economic development, which includes a “vibrant downtown”, preservation of our natural resources, and capital improvements. She said economic development includes high quality jobs for Texas State graduates, “residents who are already here and who already own property”, and for at risk youth in the school system. Coppoletta said jobs for residents are needed so they “can afford a home [and] raise a family.”

She said preserving San Marcos’ natural resources includes responsibility by the city in being the “steward of our river” and helping local citizens and businesses use “alternative sustainable forms of development.” If Coppoletta was able to gain federal government aid to help San Marcos in one area, she said it would be to obtain money to ensure San Marcos’ future water supply, including protection of the San Marcos River. Lastly, Coppoletta said local government needs to “save money in the city budget so that we can make improvements throughout our city.”In closing, she said “it’s important for citizens to have access to city government” deliberations outside of normal business hours. Coppoletta said she wants to ensure that “everybody has access 365 days a year, 24/7 to what is going on in their government.” Coppoletta said she is “the most experienced candidate in terms of education” and the number of years as a resident. She further argued that she is a “much harder worker” and has some “innovative ideas.”

Coppoletta believes she has won the debates in terms of “specific policies” that she has offered. “I’ve been a long time resident, an environmentalist and a community organizer here in San Marcos,” she said. “I would appreciate y’all’s vote on November 4th."

Sunday, October 12, 2008 - Discussion Forum Threads - "Online Debate {place holder}" Hoopla Continues

Here is the link to the discussion thread which is getting hot

Too bad my opponent won't get involved in online discussion. Note the number of posts compared to the other threads - wow our race is catching attention - so far 85 replies - with the Mayoral race at 40 replies.

With 2,483 page views for the Place 4 Race and 1,371 for the Mayoral race - Our story with 33 comments

Wow our race is really capturing quite allot of attention - 33 comments - this is the home page where you can read the comments

News from TODAY Which Demonstrates My Plan Will Work

Timing's everything for Ann Arbor area film students - Chance to work locally good for Michigan, too
by Jordan Miller | The Ann Arbor News
Sunday October 12, 2008, 9:10 AM

Ann Arbor area businesses get a boost from filmmakers
by Stefanie Murray and Jordan Miller | The Ann Arbor News and Dave Eggert | The Associated Press
Sunday October 12, 2008, 9:00 AM

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yard Signs Campaign

two people in a row just asked us to put up a yard sign in their yard while we were putting up one in this neighborhood

Still from instructional documentary: two people in a row just asked us to put up a yard sign in their yard while we were putting up one in this neighborhood

still from instructional documentary

a cyclist just drove by and showed us his house to put up a sign! San Marcos is mobilizing.

a cyclist just drove by and showed us his house to put up a sign! San Marcos is mobilizing

my campaign manager - Daniel Scales

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We Have Doubled Facebook Group Members in Two Days

We went from 40 members to 85 since Sunday and Monday's online facebook campaign efforts!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Facebook Campaign 78 Group Members =)

Our facebook group has grown by 40 new members to a total of 78 members in less than two days! We are utilizing the calendar feature to update our events. Thanks to new friends and old ones helping us out with this component to our online campaign.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Statesman Blog - Coverage of SMABOR Debates

I just found this link to a blog entry covering the SMABOR Debates from the Austin American Statesman Blog.  The blog entry  contains a video clip from the SMABOR Debates.

World United Music Festival
This is the link to the festival.

World Music Festival

This is EXACTLY the type of growth I am speaking of in the debates.

World Music Fest finds home here
Published: September 23, 2008 11:12 am

The United States Entertainment Force, in conjunction with the Roots Music Association, will present the World United Music Festival, a three-day, 150 band music event that will take place at a 500 acre site, behind the outlet malls off Centerpoint Road in San Marcos on Nov. 14, 15 and 16.

The World United Music Festival is not just an event; it is for a great cause. The United States Entertainment Force, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization helps the families of deployed troops and wounded soldiers, and the Roots Music Association (RMA), supports the independent artists and is dedicated to the development of “Roots” music in all of its varied forms.

The festival will raise funds and provide support for ongoing Roots Music Association educational programs as well as for families of troops that are deployed overseas.

The festival will feature 150 multi-genre bands being connected to over 300 radio stations and industry labels from around the globe.

The eight stage, three-day festival promises to be an historical event for musicians, industry heads and the 100,000 festival attendees projected to attend.

These performances will include, but not be limited to, Country, Western, Blue Grass, Blues, Jazz, Roots Rock, Zydeco, Tejano/Latin, World, Reggae, Western Swing, Roots/Americana Country and Roots Gospel genres.

Along with the music festival, the Roots Music Association Radio and Music Industry Convention will be held at the brand new Embassy Suites Convention Center located minutes away from the festival. Seminars will be held Friday and Saturday with speakers addressing emerging issues in the ever-changing industry of radio and music production and its relationship with labels and the future of the music industry on the World Wide Web.

For tickets and more information call 392-4997.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

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Friday, October 3, 2008

CONA Debate Footage & Written Responses

The following were my written responses:

You can submit your answers as a Word document that is attached to an email, or you can include your answers in the body of an email. Thank you for your participation.

1. The city will soon adopt the Downtown Master Plan. If elected, how would you help to implement it? How long would you take to implement it?

Measures on a State level are already in place for my economic plan to work in tandem with the Downtown Master Plan. Film abatements foster increased “tourists” in the form of production crews to our restaurants, hotels, boutiques, specialized service industries and coffee houses. They also create a face for San Marcos on an international stage showcasing our downtown, historical district and surrounding areas. Long term productions create jobs for all forms of work such as high tech, construction, tailors, set decorators, and background acting opportunities. Texas State students could intern for major motion picture productions in a variety of capacities. In addition to productions, film and music festivals would also provide immediate economic return on our investment in terms of measuring time frames for effective solutions for the Master Plan.

2. Do you support the SF-6 limitation on the number of unrelated people living in a house in a single-family neighborhood?
The Land Development Code states that an area zoned SF-6 is “restricted to occupancy by a family and up to one other person who is not related to any of the family members by blood, legal adoption, marriage, or conservatorship.” (Land Development Code Section, p. 89)

Yes No Why?

I support zoning that’s fashioned from open discussion and is implemented via consensus by all stakeholders i.e. property owners, real estate investors, primary and affordable housing candidates. The ultimate resolution to the over arching problem that gave rise to SF-6 might be better served if the code is applied on a case by neighborhood basis. Neighborhoods are the genesis for cooperation and stability and all elected to serve are entrusted to protect the quality of life of his or her community.

3. Do you think that the city should encourage and perhaps help small businesses that might be founded here or that might come here?
Yes No Why?

If your answer is yes, what suggestions do you have for encouraging and/or helping small businesses?
The small business community is the lifeblood of San Marcos. My economic plan is targeted at boosting clientele and expansion opportunities specifically for small business in San Marcos. I have publically extrapolated on this position in each debate and open forum that I have been invited. My plan will also afford our residents and area youth with opportunities to create their own small businesses. A proactive approach to attracting motion pictures to San Marcos would include: increased, scouting location booklets, initiatives working with Governors office to attack feature films, television commercials and network television episodes. If you would like to review more of my research on these topics please visit my website at

City Council candidates debate issues affecting San Marcos - Newstreamz

City Council candidates debate issues affecting San Marcos 

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The Greater San Marcos Area Council of Neighborhood Associations hosted the candidates for City Council Place 4, incumbent Chris Jones, and challenger Lisa Coppoletta, as well as, unopposed City Council Place 3 candidate Fred Terry, to discuss issues concerning San Marcos residents and CONA. All three candidates have different perspectives of the Downtown Master Plan.

Jones views the Downtown Master Plan “as a Council policy and use the established mechanisms such as the Capital Improvement plan to track and reemphasize the importance of staff implementing this plan. He said an implementation team comprised of staff, citizens and Council members to outline an effective and efficient implementation strategy is in the best interest of the Council. “It is important that we not burden homeowners with the cost of implementing our downtown plan; therefore, we must look to the business community, which will reap the rewards of the master plan, to fund this development.”

Coppoletta said her economic plan will work in conjunction with measures at the state level. “Film abatements foster increased tourists in the form of production crews to our restaurants, hotels, boutiques, specialized service industries, and coffee houses. They also create a face for San Marcos on an international stage showcasing our downtown, historical district and surrounding areas.” She said long term productions will not only create jobs for all forms of work, but will also allow for Texas State students to intern for major motion picture productions. She said film and music festivals would “provide immediate economic return on our investment, in terms of measuring time frames, for effective solutions for the Master Plan.”

Terry said the first two concerns he will address in terms of the Downtown Master plan are signage and entryways from Interstate Highway 35 into Downtown, and parking. “The plan is good and has many areas that need addressing. Over all, I see that bringing this plan to completion will take many years, mainly because of the costs involved.”

Supporting SF-6 limitation on the number of unrelated people living in a house in a single family neighborhood allowed for more disagreement between the candidates.

“What if three 70 year old women pooled their resources and rented a house because they are on a fixed income? Could they come before the Council and get a variance?” asked Jones. He said three years ago his answer was no, “however over time I have recognized how this answer fails to address a need in San Marcos, affordable housing,” said Jones. He said this issue is of specific importance considering the foreclosure environment. Jones said he has not “moved much on this issue; however it is important to understand how we arrived at this problem.”

Coppoletta said she supports zoning that derives from “open discussion and is implemented via consensus by all stakeholders, i.e. property owners, real estate investors, primary and affordable housing candidates.” She said the answer to this problem may be found on a case by neighborhood basis. “Neighborhoods are the genesis for cooperation and stability and all elected to serve are entrusted to protect the quality of life of his or her community.”

Terry said he is completely supportive of the single family neighborhood and the restrictions the code puts forth. He said he “also understand that the need for residences be allowed for the students and for younger adults.” He said he will implement similar efforts of San Marcos, California, and district area for Multi-family residences. “What we have with Historical Districting, we could have with Multi-family Districting.”

Keeping small businesses alive in San Marcos brought the candidates together.

“The city needs to sustain a welcoming environment for not only the small businesses that are here but extend it to new prospects, including those created through our partnership with Texas State University” said Jones. He said the city should not only provide financial resources, but also volunteer professionals, public relation specialists, conservation advisers, among other necessary areas. He said constant communication with the local chambers and successful business people are also needed. “Retention is not only the business of elected officials and paid staff but dependent on a supportive community. In other words shop San Marcos.”

Coppoletta said this issue is vital. “The small business community is the lifeblood of San Marcos. My economic plan is targeted at boosting clientele and expansion opportunities specifically for small business in San Marcos.” She said her plan will provide residents with opportunities to develop their own small businesses. She said a proactive approach for attracting motion pictures “would include: increased scouting location booklets, initiatives working with Governors office to attack feature films, television commercials and network television episodes.”

Terry said ignoring small business would hurt San Marcos. “Small businesses usually grow into large businesses.”He said the San Marcos Industrial Foundation operates the “incubator” that once was the recipient of city funds, “this opportunity is a great avenue for starting or struggling business to get a foot-hold on its growth.” He said the city offers funds for professors, police officers, and firemen to purchase homes within the city limits, and he suggests the same could be done for small businesses.

Yard Sign Proof

The yard signs are ordered and here is our proof:

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Debate thought process reflections

I have pleasantly discovered how old school is cool and although the computer is awesome for synthesizing the data, for actual speaking notes handwritten works best. Debaters love the PM prior to a debate. All the cramming in, all the thinking….the big picture, the micro level, how the argumentation intertwines.

Perhaps it is mental muscle memory from years and years of debate actually blocking out the arguments "cut and tape, cut and tape" as my friend Carol K. always used to say. As if the handwriting of it all was assisting us in learning all aspects of the issue, at least for those of that wrote our own blocks when we were in round advocating the positions. And, years and years of flowing argumentation visually on a flow pad. Mental mapping.

I usually like to block out the final arguments right before the debate as the adrenaline is going and my mind is working overdrive. This seemed to work for the SMABOR, Builders Association and ASG venues.

And, in the end it is what is in your heart that ultimately comes across to the audience. An awesome clip

Maybe it is just my learning style of kinesthetic

I am so honored by the authentic responses that I receive on a daily basis to our campaign.
Thank you to everyone for such kind words!