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Texas State Family Day - The Force & Boko Steals a Kiss

Here is a clip from today's footage at Texas State's Family day:

Here are some stills from the documentary footage:



Monday, September 22, 2008

Texas State ASG Presentation - Clip

Sunday, September 21, 2008



Getting the Posters Out And Around San Marcos - Stills from Documentary

Talking to people at Sundance 

Getting the Posters Out And Around San Marcos - Stills from Documentary

Placing posters up at Tantra

Yard Signs Campaign

Thank you to everyone who has requested a yard sign.  If you 'd like to be on our list please send me an e-mail. And, you can count on me to pick mine up the day after the election!  

Yard signs are important in small town races.  I have been asked the question over and over again from people that I respect "Are you going to have yard signs?"  Everyone agrees that yard signs show community support. Soon San Marcos will see the overwhelming support that my campaign is gaining thru the pageant of yard signs.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

League of Women Voters Debates

Dear Candidate:

Please reply immediately by email that you have received this message.

The San Marcos Area League of Women Voters commends you for offering to serve your community by your candidacy for the City Council of San Marcos. The League is providing two opportunities for you to present your views to the public --- the Voters Guide and the Candidates Debate. The League serves the candidates and the voters with these important programs. The goal of the League is to provide the voters of this area with information useful in casting their votes. We hope you will accept our invitation to participate in both activities.

The Voters Guide
Attached is a questionnaire for you to complete. (If you have trouble opening the attachments, please contact me.) The questionnaire must be received by the League via e-mail at (or via mail at P. O. Box 1034, San Marcos, Texas 78667-1034) by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 26. Your answers, plus those of the other candidates, will be published as part of a Voters Guide in local newspapers and distributed in local and area public facilities prior to the election. Your response is limited to 100 words for each question. Please limit your response to the allowed length. Responses will be printed as written with the exception of editing for length (we normally omit the last sentences). Responses received after the deadline may not be published. If your response to a question contains remarks about other persons or candidates, it will result in the deletion of your entire response to the question.

The Candidates Debate
The Candidates Debate will be held on Monday, October 20, at 7:00 p.m. at the San Marcos Activity Center, 501 East Hopkins. A table will be provided for your campaign literature. Plan to be there early --- by 6:30 p.m. --- to meet and greet citizens as they arrive. The Debate will also be video recorded for future local television broadcast by Time Warner Cable on Digital Channel 1400 “Central Texas On Demand – San Marcos” free anytime. We hope you will stay after the Debate to further interact with voters.

Don't forget to indicate on the Questionnaire form whether you will attend the Debate.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization dedicated to educating interested citizens on matters of concern to the community, state, nation, and world. It does not favor any candidate or party over another, but strives to fairly provide information to the voters and encourages citizens to participate at all levels of the governmental process.

League of Women Voters Debates


Please provide your responses to the following questions in 100 words or less for each question. Return your responses by 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 26, 2008 via email to: Email responses are preferred but mailed responses will be accepted if received by the above date.

Mail to: San Marcos Area League of Women Voters
P. O. Box 1034
San Marcos, Texas 78667-1034

I will attend the Candidates Debate on Monday, October 20, 2008. Yes __X___ No _______

Candidate’s Name: __Lisa Marie Coppoletta ______________________________

1. Describe your experience, education, and training that qualify you for this position.

2. What is your opinion about the proposed extension of bar hours to 2:00 a.m.?

3. Do you favor the creation of a police liaison position to investigate citizen concerns regarding police actions? Explain your answer.



Designed by Dillon

SMABOR Debates Video Footage

We are still uploading footage from the SMABOR debates. The camcorder ran out of battery during the Mr. Jones' response to this question.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public office candidates meet voters ‘Sunday in the Park for Liberty’ - University Star

Public office candidates meet voters ‘Sunday in the Park for Liberty’
Posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 12:59 am | By Sean Batura
News election House of Representatives Matt Young Will Conley Candidates for public office gathered at Rio Vista Park Sunday to meet people whose votes may disrupt the status quo. The San Marcos chapter of the Campaign for Liberty, which grew out of Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, hosted “Sunday in the Park for Liberty.” According to the organization’s Web site, its fundamental principles consist of “respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, individual liberty, sound money and a noninterventionist foreign policy.”

Residents met candidates such as Matt Young, for Texas House District 45, Lisa Coppoletta, for seat 4 on the City Council, Rodney Van Ouderkerke, for justice of the peace, Will Conley, for Hays County commission, Luanne Caraway, for Hays County tax collector-assessor, and Daniel McCarthy, for mayor of San Marcos. Conley and Luanne are running for re-election.

McCarthy, history junior, said he wants to give Texas State graduates an incentive to stay in the city in the form of $10,000 housing grants.

McCarthy said he turned down an opportunity to receive money from the San Marcos Area Board of Realtors and signed a waiver stating he would use less than $500 in his campaign.

McCarthy said he wants to be beholden to the people in his constituency instead of wealthy special interest groups “I want to show people that this can be done on a shoestring budget,” said McCarthy, member of the Campaign for Liberty. “You don’t have to spend $10,000 on a city race.”

McCarthy said residents should not hesitate to embrace third-party candidates.

“We all need to be looking into alternatives,” McCarthy said. “It’s a false dichotomy. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin.”
The story is located here:
Public office candidates meet voters ‘Sunday in the Park for Liberty’

Candidates debate local economic development - University Star Story

Candidates debate local economic development
Posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 1:07 am | By Theron Brittain
News Chris Jones City Council election Lisa Coppoletta
The campaign has begun for seats three and four of the City Council, and two Texas State employees are squaring off for the post.

Lisa Marie Coppoletta, academic advisor for Texas State, hopes to unseat career advisor Chris Jones for seat four. Fred A. Terry, local realtor, is running unopposed for seat three.

Coppoletta and Jones shared their ideas for the future of San Marcos with the public in a debate Thursday. “I’m very concerned about continuing revitalization of the downtown,” Coppoletta said.

Coppoletta said she was interested in creating more paths for bikes and pedestrians and wanted to have a “green” approach to city development.

“I want to make sure we have conservation and protect our river, as well as conservation on how we use our power on a municipal level,” Coppoletta said. “We can save up to 17 percent just by having smart measures on municipal buildings alone in terms of saving energy.”

Jones said in his opening statement that he and the council had set San Marcos on a path of great promise during his last term.

“The last three years have been great years,” Jones said. “I still think we face some challenges for the future. One of those challenges is transportation. From a policy perspective, the question is: Do we build more roads or do we better utilize our resources? As a candidate, I will tell you I believe we must strike a balance. We must build roads where we need to build roads, but we also must develop a transportation system that’s effective.”

Jones said San Marcos faced economic development challenges. He said market analysis is needed to determine which companies are moving to the city and evaluate how well they fit the economy. He said it was time to invest money in making the Interstate 35 better depict the city.

Coppoletta said on Wednesday that she thinks her chances of winning are “outstanding.”

“I have a very specific economic policy that affects students, the youth of San Marcos and the workforce,” she said. “I feel I can make a difference.”

Coppoletta ran for mayor of San Marcos as an undergraduate student in the late 1980s and was a debate coach. Coppoletta said she is anxious to have a series of debates against Jones in coming months.

“I don’t believe candidates should run unopposed,” Coppoletta said. “I feel open dialogue is important, and I believe it’s important for candidates to articulate specific points of their position.” Jones said he holds a similar viewpoint.

“I know and respect my opponent, and I look forward to a public debate and communicating with the public to make sure they are aware of what’s going on in the city,” Jones said.

Jones was elected in 2005 and has been involved in the development issues San Marcos has faced for the past three years, which includes a downtown master plan and projects such as Rio Vista Falls. He said decisions made by the council in the coming years will be important to the economic growth of the city.

“I’m really excited about the next three years,” Jones said. “That’s what I’m going to be talking about with people.” He said city officials should be more aggressive in purchasing land to benefit economically from development. Jones said the city needs a mass-transit system.

Terry is running unopposed for the seat three, which Daniel Guerrero occupies. Terry served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the past six years and said the city needs a sound business plan.

“I’ve seen a lot of things come through the commission that I would like to see come through the City Council,” he said. “I’m a business person. I’m looking for avenues for San Marcos businesses to develop in.”

Terry said he would like to see relations between students and residents improve. He said the relations have been strained by students’ prevalence in generally quiet neighborhoods, among other things.

“I’d like to see if we can create a specific area of town where students can own and reside without conflicts with nonstudent neighbors,” Terry said. “I see a major division between the population of the university and the population of the town, and I’d like to bring a balance between the two factions.”

Council members are elected at-large for staggered, three-year terms. Candidates are not affiliated with political parties. The election will be held on Nov. 4, which coincides with the general election.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Texas State LSA hosts Chicano Series Film Festival

Texas State LSA hosts Chicano Series Film Festival
SAN MARCOS - The Texas State University-San Marcos Latino Student Association’s Hispanic Heritage Month committee will host a film festival in conjunction with the student group Rincon Hispano Universitario. The event the Chicano Series Film Festival will take place Sept. 17, 24, and Oct. 1 at 6 p.m. at Boko’s Lounge.The groups have chosen to show the films, “Tortilla Soup,” “La Otra Conquista” and “Zoot Suit.” The film topics range from the Mexican food and heritage to the portrayal of gang members.
This is the first year for Rincon Hispano Universitario to be involved in this event and organizers hope that it will help people understand Hispanic culture.
The event is free and open to the public. For more information please contact Erika Gomez at or Leslie Huayek at
University News Service

The World United Music Conference & Festival

San Marcos Texas - The World United Music Conference & Festival

_Visit The World United Music Festival_ (http://www.thewumf. com/)

_Visit The Roots Music Association_ (http://www.rootsmus icassociation. org/)

_Showcasing Performers_ (http://www.thewumf. com/index. php?page= lineup)

_Conference Registration_ (http://www.thewumf. com/index. php?page= tickets)

_Purchase Tickets To The Festival_
(http://www.thewumf. com/index. php?page= tickets)

_Become a Speaker or Panelist_ (mailto:robert@thewumf. com)

_Purchase a Vendor Space_ (http://www.thewumf. com/index. php?page= vend)

The Stage Is Set!
For San Marcos, Texas November 14-15-16, 2008.
The number one destination in the world for real radio & music industry
education and networking.
The World United Radio/Membership Conference will be a premier radio and
music industry networking event for radio and music industry professionals from
around the globe. This event will focus the national and international radio,
music industry and related press on the worldwide music market while
providing a platform for musicians and artists to gain exposure and be heard by
radio; most importantly attendees will be educated in the business interests of
radio and the music industry.
Showcasing Artists will represent multiple genres including Roots Rock,
Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Roots/Americana Country, Tejano/Latin, Reggae, Jazz,
Blues, Roots Gospel, Zydeco/Cajun, World, Celtic, Western Swing, Cowboy
Western, True Country, and more.
Presented by Roots Music Association & The US Entertainment Force, the 2008
Music Conference promises to deliver an event like no other on the planet!
This event features 8 large outdoor stages with more than 100 showcasing
artists, once in a lifetime performance, networking and educational opportunities
for both radio and music industry professionals!
In addition, the Roots Music Association will present the Roots Music Awards
on stage at the Embassy Suites/San Marcos Convention Center on Sunday from
6pm to 8pm. The Roots Music Awards are selected by the RMA membership, radio &
music industry professionals. Awards will be presented onstage to Record
Label of the year (Major & Indie), Radio Station of the year, Disk Jockey of the
year, A&R Person of the year, Publishing Company of the year, Record
Promotion Company of the year, Artist & Album of the year, Song Writer of the year
and Publicity Company of the year that have supported the following list of
musical formats from around the world. A total of 120 awards will be presented.
Events will take place in multiple venues including the Embassy Suites Hotel
and the San Marcos Convention Center plus the adjoining 300+ acres of music
festival fun. Vending and display booths for artists and music industry
professionals are still available on a limited basis.
As always, event attendees can expect to meet with Radio Station
Representatives from around the world, Film and Gaming Industry Executives, Music
Publishing Directors, Music Supervisors for Film and TV, A&R Representatives,
Entertainment Attorneys plus much more. If you are a radio or music industry
professional, Disk Jockey or Radio Executive and would like to participate on one
of our education panels, simply reply to this email and include radio panel
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The 300 acre World United Music Festival portion of the event will be open to
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expected to attend over the 3 days. Festival Tickets are available on the World
United Festival website!
The World United Radio/Music Industry Conference & Music Festival promises
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World United Music Festival
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Rancho Vista Candidates Meet & Greet

Went to a Meet and Greet for candidates throughout Hays County.
It was nice to speak to our county residents about a variety of topics.

Corrections to Daily Record Story

City Council Place 4: Jones vs. Coppoletta
From attracting film industry dollars to fine tuning city policies, candidates discuss the issues
Published: September 13, 2008 11:33 am
By Anita Miller
News Editor

(1) i said "set decorators" not "directors"

(2) Coppoletta said smart growth involves “tying in small and big things,” and gave the example of cultural tourism coordinated with Austin and San Antonio, something she said would also be boosted by a film industry presence.

I said " smart growth involves long term vs. short term" not "small and big things."
or "large venues" and "small venues" not "small and big things."

City Council Place 4: Jones vs. Coppoletta - San Marcos Daily Record

City Council Place 4: Jones vs. Coppoletta
From attracting film industry dollars to fine tuning city policies, candidates discuss the issues
Published: September 13, 2008 11:33 am
By Anita Miller
News Editor

San Marcos — Is Hollywood coming to town?

It almost seemed that way during last week’s debate between Chris Jones, who currently holds Place 4 on the San Marcos City Council, and Lisa Marie Coppoletta, who wants to win that seat on Nov. 4.

Coppoletta, 40, said that embracing the film industry could go a long way toward solving many of San Marcos’ problems, high development costs among them.

Becoming a site for shooting feature films, commercials and TV shows would not only provide high-paying jobs to local residents such as construction workers, painters and tailors, she said, but would amount to “free advertising” for the city by showcasing it.

“It’s an investment we don’t have to fund,” she said of film crews which would make major improvements in properties they wanted to use as sets.

“Jobs would be created here and that money would stay here,” said Coppoletta, who is an academic advisor/professor.

Jones, 25, who works as a career advisor, stuck to the more traditional topics of fine-tuning city policies to meet changing needs and making certain that investments the city makes would pay off not just in the short term but the long run as well.

When queried about the higher cost of development in San Marcos compared to other area cities — 57 percent more for multi-family housing, 17 percent more for retail and 15 percent more for single family homes — Jones said he’s for further council analysis and a possible “shift” into “utilizing a percentage of money we gain from our tax base to possibly offset some of the costs.”

Acknowledging the question is a difficult one, Jones said when the numbers are analyzed, “you find differences that can be addressed from a policy perspective and others that can’t be.”

Regarding the many Capital Improvement Projects the city would like to be able to undertake, Jones said the city has spent thousands on master plans and it’s time “to take the Master Plans we have and put them together.

“From a policy perspective, the council needs to take a step back and ask ourselves will the dollars we’re putting into our Capital Improvements Project actually translate into something our sons and daughters can utilize down the road.”

Coppoletta said the answer lies in prioritizing for residents. “I would prioritize in terms of ethical decision making to make sure it affects in a positive way our citizens.” She also said San Marcos should “think about economic trends on the national level before implementing policy.”

On the issue of smart growth, Jones said it begins with the basics of transportation. “We need to prepare for light rail. Light rail is coming,” he said. “Growth in San Marcos should be centered around light rail” with other projects designed to move people from the rail station to other areas of town.

He also said he would continue the city’s practice of courting business to come here, though he says the perfect company hasn’t yet presented itself.

“We’ve spent three years trying to find companies. We’ve worked hard and that has translated into some jobs but the pristine company is still out there. We need to figure out what that company is and go after it.”

Coppoletta said smart growth involves “tying in small and big things,” and gave the example of cultural tourism coordinated with Austin and San Antonio, something she said would also be boosted by a film industry presence.

“When those revenues kick in we can start a state-of-the art 3D animation studio and train people to be set directors or how to build sets. We could fast track programs for Texas State students. The film industry generates billions of dollars,” she said.

The debate was sponsored by the San Marcos Area Board of Realtors.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

University employees battle for City Council Place 4 - Newstreamz Article

University employees battle for City Council Place 4

Posted in: Hays County, Neighborhoods, News, People, San Marcos, Texas State University


Candidates for City Council Place 4 debate issues affecting San Marcos. Incumbent Chris Jones, a Career Advisor at Texas State University, and challenger Lisa Marie Coppoletta, an Academic Advisor at Texas State University, were hosted by the San Marcos Area Board of Realtors, SMABOR, to provide their vision for San Marcos should they be elected.”The past three years have been great years,” said Jones. He said San Marcos has been put on a level of progress that will help secure its future, although there are still challenges to face. He mentioned needed improvements in transportation, economic development, and with beautifying the City. He also stated a need for unity within the county, specifically speaking on a county-wide EMS system. “I look forward to facing those challenges.”

Coppoletta introduced her platform that would include economic development enhancing the downtown revitalization in coordination with the convention center. She spoke on taking advantage of State tax abatements for the film industry, by showcasing San Marcos in feature films. She said this would bring millions of dollars into the community as well as property improvements, and she would target recruitment of high quality jobs. “There is an outstanding amount of data that indicates that millions of dollars can be generated from my plan.”
San Marcos has seen little professional job creation, and tax abatements have been given to companies to keep them from leaving.

Speaking on this issue, Jones said “San Marcos is a progressive city. Today we sit at the cusp of great growth between Austin and San Antonio.” He said San Marcos has challenges it will face, and in the last three years San Marcos has grown to become a competitor, but he urged more focus is needed in the next three years. “We must figure out what type of company would best fit in our community based on our workforce and resources and go after them!”

Coppoletta said the economic infrastructure should be revitalized by supporting community based small investment. “When local businesses thrive and their employees reap the benefits of a successful local economy both San Marcos and surrounding communities on the corridor prosper.” She said this trend will attract investment opportunity to San Marcos. “My approach incorporates taking advantage of Texas abatements for motion picture industry. Our historic district, river, downtown, surrounding locations will attract industry for locations which translates into millions of dollars worth of free advertising for our town.”

Approximately half of the city’s total revenue is currently represented by sales tax, Chief among the producers are the Outlet Malls and San Marcos depends on them to thrive.

Jones said sales tax is dependent on uncontrollable circumstances like, a person’s willingness to spend, the economy, gas prices, the unemployment rate and consumer confidence. “A strong property tax base is a stable source of income for our community. It is vital that we work to expand this reliable source of revenue for San Marcos.” Jones said those looking to invest in San Marcos need to be recruited, and supported, an environment conducive to growth must be created.

Coppoletta said the sales tax revenue is a growing concern, and with “continuous spiraling cost of fuel” consumers may reconsider coming to spend in San Marcos, thus “directly affecting our municipality.” She said cultural tourism is needed, and can be achieved by hosting film and music festivals; “the overall perception of our city is improved with both large events in the convention center and small venues located in downtown San Marcos.” She also stressed a need for the creation of Training and Education programs focusing on developing skills and small business development programs. She cited the Louisiana Film Crew Training Program as an example; it offers courses needed in that field free of charge by industry professionals.
In Central Texas, smart growth, has become a well-known term to describe the preferred development approach. The candidates were asked how “smart growth” relates to San Marcos.

“I believe we should leave our city better than we found it,” said Jones. “We should maintain our individuality in spite of the significant growth we inevitably face.” He said a city will grow if it is livable, but balance is needed between the “demand for growth against the sustainability of this growth for the future.”

Coppoletta said smart growth is balancing the effects, both long and short-term, of the policy making and governance. She called for investments “in pre-existing projects which have empirically worked,” such as pedestrian walk paths and bike lanes, spaces for organizations and small businesses, and “revitalize efforts continue of downtown district.” She also advocated for a “green footprint approach,” of conserving water, protecting the river, and providing “economic incentives to business who are innovative going green.” She also called for a stronger involvement in the San Marcos Sustainability Program by City Council members. And one of her approaches to smart growth is “citizens as a capital resource worthy of monetary investment.”

Council members have great responsibility and the candidates characterized the three main ones in their perspective.

“I would say that the three main jobs or three main responsibilities of a council member, one would be policy development,” said Jones. “Two, I think would be leadership in tough issues, and three, ensuring that the basic city services are provided for the city of San Marcos.”

Coppoletta said her three included economic implementation of policy, ethical implementation of public policy, and protection of natural resources.

City Council Place 3 Candidate Fred Terry was present at the debate but did not participate because he is running unopposed in the election.

Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) Debate Format & Questions

Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA)
September 12, 2008

Dear Candidate:
Thank you for running for city council. We appreciate your interest in public service.

We invite you to participate in the annual CONA debate. It will be held on Thursday, October 2, at 7 p.m. at the Activity Center. A reception will follow.

Please arrive by 6:30 p.m. We will provide a six feet long rectangular table for your campaign material. This table will be in the hall, and campaign workers are welcome to stand by your table. If you would like to bring yard signs for people to take home, you can lay them by your table. Please limit the number of signs in the hall to ten.

The debate will have a moderator and a timekeeper. The candidates will sit at tables in the front with a microphone available.

The debate rules are:

1. There is a 60 second time limit for questions.
2 There is a 60 second time limit for answers.
3. If a question is directed to one candidate in a race, the opponent in that race will also have an opportunity to respond.
4. Members of the audience will go to a microphone to ask questions.
5. Each individual audience member may ask one question at one time.
An individual may ask a second question only after all other audience members have asked their questions.
6. Each candidate may make a one minute opening speech and closing speech.
7. Only actual candidates may participate in the debate. If a candidate is unable to attend, no representative may participate in his or her place.

Below are three questions. You may choose to answer these in writing if you wish. Each answer can be up to 150 words. Please give us your answers by Friday, Sept. 26, so we can assemble the answers from all the candidates and photocopy them to be distributed at the debate.

CONA Debate Questions 2008

1. The city will soon adopt the Downtown Master Plan. If elected, how would you help to implement it? How long would you take to implement it?

2. Do you support the SF-6 limitation on the number of unrelated people living in a house in a single family neighborhood?
The Land Development Code states that an area zoned SF-6 is “restricted to occupancy by a family and up to one other person who is not related to any of the family members by blood, legal adoption, marriage, or conservatorship.” (Land Development Code Section, p. 89)

Yes No Why?

3. Do you think that the city should encourage and perhaps help small businesses that might be founded here or that might come here?
Yes No Why?

If your answer is yes, what suggestions do you have for encouraging and/or helping small businesses?

Friday, September 12, 2008

San Marcos candidates talk growth, business at debate - Austin American Statesman Article

San Marcos candidates talk growth, business at debate
One San Marcos Council seat is up for grabs, and three people are running for mayor in November's election.
By Andrea Lorenz; 512-392-8750
Friday, September 12, 2008
SAN MARCOS — Five candidates are running for two seats on the San Marcos City Council, and at a debate held Thursday, candidates stressed that the future of the city rested in development, jobs and relieving taxpayers of more costs.

Current council members plan to vote on a new downtown master plan in the weeks before the Nov. 4 election. But Mayor Susan Narvaiz and the two challengers she faces in her bid for a third term debated what the city of about 50,000 can do to bring more people and businesses to the downtown square.

Narvaiz said it's necessary for the private and public sectors to work together and acknowledged that existing city codes have impeded development downtown. She said the new plan addresses some of those issues, including making the downtown more friendly to pedestrians and increasing the housing options.

Narvaiz, 50, said 6,900 new jobs have been created in San Marcos since she became mayor in 2004.

Challenger Dave Newman, a retired pilot, said building parking garages downtown should be a priority. The lack of adequate parking, he said, "has been the holdup of the development and revitalization of downtown."

Newman also said he wants to work to bring more professional jobs to the area to end the "brain drain" that currently occurs when Texas State University graduates leave the city to find jobs. Newman also said he would like to cut each city department's budget by 10 percent across the board.

Mayoral candidate Daniel McCarthy, a Texas State student, did not attend the debate. McCarthy said he was attending a Sept. 11 event for the Project for the New American Citizen, of which he is the president.

Reached by phone Thursday, McCarthy said downtown streets need bike lanes. He'd also like the university and city to come up with a plan to keep Texas State graduates in San Marcos, he said.

"You definitely have to go to Austin if you have to have any kind of interning while you're in college," McCarthy said.

Place 4 Council Member Chris Jones, a career adviser at Texas State, faces Lisa Marie Coppoletta, a professor at Texas State who also teaches at Austin Community College.

Jones, who was elected while still a Texas State student, said the city should focus on improving transportation by creating a balance between roads and effective mass transportation.

He said growth should be centered around a proposed light rail system and getting people around the city after they arrive by train.

On the economic development end, Jones said he'd like to help attract nanotechnology or pharmaceutical companies to the city to increase tax revenue and jobs. Jones said he had no specific companies in mind. He said that would help raise the standard of living so San Marcos residents could afford to buy homes, a point that Jones said hit home when he tried to buy an $80,000 house after college and "I wasn't anywhere close" to the city's home prices.

Coppoletta's platform centers around attracting a vibrant film community to San Marcos, so the city will benefit from the free advertising that comes with appearing on camera. Film companies also often make improvements to properties in communities, she said.

She would also like to bring cultural and music festivals to the area, making San Marcos a destination for animation studios and other artistic companies.

Real estate agent Fred A. Terry is running unopposed for the Place 3 seat. Daniel Guerrero, who holds that spot, said he is seeking career opportunities that might require a move outside city limits.


Susan Clifford Narvaiz (i)


Occupation:Owner of a human resources consulting company

Education:Graduate of South San Antonio High School; adult education courses in business management, employment law and conflict resolution

Experience: San Marcos mayor from 2004 to present; council member from 2002 to 2004; chair of the Capital Area Council of Government Executive Committee and the Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency; former chair of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; former member of the board of directors of the San Marcos Economic Development Council, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Hays Caldwell Women's Center and several other area groups

Worth Noting: In 1998, founded A Blessing in San Marcos, a thanksgiving dinner for people in need, prompted by a flood that happened a month before Thanksgiving.


Dave Newman

Age: 51

Occupation:Retired jet airline pilot for a Saudi Arabian oil minister; owns a multimedia production company

Education:Bachelor's of science in physics from the University of Houston, postgraduate work in computer science at Southwest Texas State University, now Texas State University

Experience:Been involved with grass-roots efforts in San Marcos

Worth Noting: Was arrested after saving a man's life in the San Marcos River in 2005 for not leaving the water when Texas State University police asked him to. The charges were later dropped after the incident made international news.

Web site:None

Daniel McCarthy


Occupation:Texas State University student

Education:Graduate of Dripping Springs High School; working toward a bachelor's in public administration

Experience:President of Project for the New American Citizen, a political organization; former volunteer for the Ron Paul campaign for president; member of the Hays County Campaign for Liberty

Worth Noting:Spent a semester after high school traveling across Europe

Web site:None

Council Member Place 3

Fred A. Terry


Occupation:Real estate agent, mostly residential, but has experience with farms and ranches and commercial properties

Education:Bachelor's degree of science in business in purchasing and material management from the University of Houston

Experience:San Marcos planning and zoning commission from 2003 to 2008; Hays County Transportation Advisory Board; past board member of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce; member of four chamber committees

Worth Noting:Member of Ducks Unlimited, an organization of conservation-minded duck hunters, and enjoys outdoor sports such as hiking, camping and fishing.

Web site:

Council Member Place 4

Christopher Jones (i)


Occupation:Career adviser at Texas State University

Education:Bachelor's in public administration from Texas State University; working on a master's degree in public administration at Texas State, expected graduation in 2011

Experience:San Marcos City Council member for three years; Texas State University student body president for one year; member of the Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee for the National League of Cities; and a member of the Downtown Association, Young Elected Officials and the Texas Association of Black City Council Members

Worth Noting:First Texas State student to be elected to the City Council in three decades and the youngest council member ever elected.


Lisa Marie Coppoletta


Occupation:Adjunct professor of speech communication at Austin Community College; university seminar instructor at Texas State

Education:Bachelor's and master's degrees in speech communication from Southwest Texas State University, now Texas State

Experience:Involved in the community, voter drives and recycling efforts; ran for mayor and City Council in the 1990s when she was an undergraduate and graduate student.

Worth Noting:Filming a documentary about running for local office during this election


The rest of the story is located here:
San Marcos candidates talk growth, business at debate

San Marcos candidates sound off - Statesman Blog

September 12, 2008
San Marcos candidates sound off

"Candidates for the city council in San Marcos debated Wednesday at a forum held by the San Marcos Board of Realtors."

Video is available at this link:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

SMABOR Debates Video Footage





San Marcos Area Board of Realtors Debate - Question 4


SMABOR Questions & Answers

In the past few years, there has been very little professional job creation in San Marcos and even some job loss. Unlike our neighboring cities to the North and South, our efforts to solicit professional employers to our community have not been successful and we have even given tax abatements to existing companies just to keep them from leaving. What do you accredit this to and how can it be turned around?

A proactive commitment to revitalization of the downtown can be accomplished by acquiring funds for capital investment for infrastructure as well as small business development. When local businesses thrive and their employees reap the benefits of a successful local economy both San Marcos and surrounding communities on the corridor prosper. The revenues generated circulate within the town and throughout Central Texas enhancing the quality of life for Texans. This also creates a strong presence to attract investment opportunity to San Marcos.

Supporting community based small investment is key to revitalizing our economic infrastructure. No one can deny that global and regional organizations are restructuring via downsizing due to our shrinking economy. This is a trend that appears to be here to stay not only locally but also nationally. Viable and proven strategies exist and we must be proactive by supporting where our strengths reside. My approach incorporates taking advantage of Texas abatements for motion picture industry. Our historic district, river, downtown, surrounding locations will attract industry for locations which translates into millions of dollars worth of free advertising for our town
(1) Michigan is expected to see their revenues go up from 2.2 million after the new abatements for 47 scheduled production to is $288.4 million
(2) Cultural Tourism such as film festivals
(3) Encourage motion picture productions which make investments in repairing buildings, roads, landscaping
(4) Enhanced scouting programs and creation of production guides about San Marcos
(5) Film industry significantly creates revenue for local businesses: hotels, restaurants, bars, small businesses that provide film equipment, production crews, security, construction, catering, hairstyling, makeup, extras food, transportation, electronic equipment, supplies for set construction
(6) Estimated 70 to 80 percent of the scenes workers involved in technical and hands-on work needed to produce a film—are hired locally often earning often higher hourly wage than workers employed in other private sector industries.
(7) In 2005, for example, direct employees of the film and media industries earned an average salary of $73,000 (excluding highly paid talent)—a figure 80 percent higher than the $40,677 average annual salary of American workers that year

Sales tax currently represents approximately 1/2 of the total revenue for the City - with the outlet malls being the largest component in that category. Are you concerned about the City’s dependence on that revenue and if so how would you work toward diversifying our local economy to prepare for the possibility of the day the success of the outlet malls starts to diminish?

The lack of sales tax revenue is a growing concern throughout all cities in our shrinking national economy. San Marcos’ dependence on mega business for revenue is prone to suffer especially when a substantial percentage of the business’ customer base is nonlocal. With the continuously spiraling cost of fuel, the discounts offered by the businesses may not offset the cost fuel thereby directly affecting our municipality.

First, one form of cultural tourism is hosting film and music festivals. The overall perception of our city is improved with both large events in the convention center and small venues located in downtown San Marcos. Second, investment should be focused on program development for skills and small business development with the creation of Training and Education programs such Louisiana Film Crew Training Program sponsored by NOVAC (The New Orleans Video Access Center). These courses on how to be a Production Assistant, Set Construction, Scenic Painting, how to be a Grip or Electrician are free of charge and are taught by industry professionals. There is also “Teen Camp” which teaches digital video making and career development at the University of New Orleans Film Arts Program.

  Smart Growth” is a term that has recently become common vocabulary used to describe the preferred development approach in the growing Central Texas region. How would you define the term “smart growth” as it relates to San Marcos?

Smart Growth = Balancing long term and short-term effects of our municipal policy making and governance
Invest in Pre-Existing Projects Which Have Empirically Worked
• Revitalize efforts continue of downtown district
• Spaces for organizations and small businesses as part of this
• Investment in infrastructure such as pedestrian walk paths and bike lanes
• Technology in city management and public participation – chat with your council member prior to meetings for citizen input

Green Footprint Approach
• Conservation of water consumption
• Protect river
• Economic incentives to business who are innovative going green
• Stronger involvement by Council Members for the City of San Marcos Sustainability Program
• Conscious of gas prices when implementing policy due to new trends

Citizens as Capital Resource Worthy of Monetary Investment
• Incorporate Creative Citizenry thru grants to fund small businesses and community organizations to develop innovate programs
• Invest in educational opportunities of citizens
• Provide them with studio and performance spaces around town for coordination of events with larger convention venues
• Increase funding for project information Public Access Microcomputers for Public Library

If you were to pick a US city to model San Marcos’ growth after what city would that be and why?

The film industry has been key to economic recovery in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the state in 2005. Down the road after my plan generates city revue, I will propose creation of studio space such as The Film Factory—a $100 million, 300,000 square-foot studio in New Orleans. The Film Factor also has sound stages, post-production facilities, and a film vocational school. We could work in cooperation with Texas State University for specialized fast track programs to prepare citizens for high paying industry jobs. This would also provide an additional outlet for Texas State staff, students and faculty. Residents in San Marcos who have been long active in the creative arts scene here in San Marcos will find many opportunities for creative expression as well San Marcos youth. To this effect, I would propose increased funding for the Public Library so that pre-existing services our citizens utilize can serve as a feeder for more specialized training. I would also submit to the master plan for the library additional equipment and personnel for multimedia training and hardware/software.

In New York, the Tribeca Film Institute has played a key role in the economic revitalization of lower Manhattan since the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. In 2008, nearly 400,000 people attended the 11-day festival.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SMABOR Debate Format

Hello Candidates:

Following is the official format with exact times for the upcoming Debate this Thursday:

Candidate Opening Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Extra Closing Total
Mayor 1 2 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 2 12.5
Mayor 2 2 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 2 12.5
Place 4 2 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 2 12.5
Place 4 2 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 2 12.5
Place 3
5 5

Total Minutes

Please note the following:

(1) Mayors seat will answer questions separately and will go first.
(2) Daniel McCarthy, Mayoral Candidate, will not be present
(3) Place 3 in uncontested, thus, Fred Terry will be given up to 5 minutes at the end of the Debate to speak on his race.
(4) There is a bonus question that has no impact on the outcome of the Debate

Sunday, September 7, 2008

REALTORS® Host First Debate of the Election Season - Newstreamz

REALTORS® Host First Debate of the Election Season

Posted in: Business, Hays County, Local Businesses, News, Real Estate, San Marcos

The San Marcos Area Board of REALTORS® is proud to announce their Annual Candidate Debate to be held next Thursday, September 11. This event will be held at the Hill Country Event Center located at 107 Centerpoint Road. Catering for lunch will be provided by Johnny Carinos at $12/person and the event will run from 11:00-1:00.

Debate Participants:

Mayor Seat:
Susan Narvaiz
Dave Newman
Daniel McCarthy

Place 4:
Christopher Jones
Lisa Marie Coppoletta

This event is open to the public. If you could like to attend, please contact Amy DuBose at 512-396-5478 or by Friday, September 5 at 5:00 PM.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Online Debates at - Pt 2

And, our race spilled over into the place three thread . . .

Online Debates at

Check out this thread at - it is on the Place 4 City Council race! 


These are some of the debates that I have been receiving e-mail invites to attend:

SEPTEMBER 11, 2008
2008 SMABOR City Council Debate
Location: Hill Country Events Center (formally Valhalla Hall)
107 Centerpoint Rd.San Marcos, TX
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Lunch will be served from 11:00 – 11:30
Debate begins promptly at 11:30

SEPTEMBER 15, 2008
San Marcos Area League of Women Voters Candidates Meet and Greet Reception
Monday, September 15, 5:30 pm-7:00 pm
San Marcos Activity Center
501 E. Hopkins
Discuss your issues with the candidates in an informal and congenial atmosphere.

OCTOBER 20, 2008
League of Women Voters Candidates Debate 7:00 p.m. at the San Marcos Activity Center.

Master Plan Research

The Downtown Master Plan


Downtown Master Plan- First Rough Draft

In March 2008, Broaddus and Associates submitted the first draft of the Downtown Master Plan for review and comment from City Staff, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and City Council. Their comments are addressed in the next draft, which was received August 2008. Though the current document is not final, lacks completeness in some areas, and contains errors, the City has chosen to make it available to the public so they may stay informed of the progress.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mayor, Place 4 debate Sept. 11 - San Marcos Daily Record

Mayor, Place 4 debate Sept. 11

SMABOR event open to public

The first debate of the San Marcos election season will focus on candidates for San Marcos mayor and Place 4 city council.

The Thursday, Sept. 11 debate will include incumbent mayor Susan Narvaiz along with challengers Dave Newman and Daniel McCarthy. Candidates for the Place 4 council seat expected to attend are incumbent Chris Jones and challenger Lisa Marie Coppoletta.

Sponsoring the “Annual Candidate Debate” will be the San Marcos Board of Realtors. The 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. luncheon event will be held at the Hill Country Event Center, 107 Centerpoint Road. The lunch, catered by Carinos, will be $12 per person.

The public is invited.

Those planning to attend are asked to contact Amy DuBose at 396-5478 or by Friday, Sept. 5 at 5 p.m.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Board of Realtors city council debate Sept. 11 - San Marcos Mercury

Board of Realtors city council debate Sept. 11
Posted on 03 September 2008

The San Marcos Area Board of Realtors will host its annual candidate debate 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, September 11 at the Hill Country Event Center, 107 Centerpoint Road. Catering for lunch will be provided by Johnny Carinos at $12 a person.

Debate Participants:
» Susan Narvaiz
» Dave Newman
» Daniel McCarthy

Place 4
» Christopher Jones
» Lisa Marie Coppoletta

This event is open to the public. If you would like to attend, please contact Amy DuBose at 512-396-5478 or by Friday, 5 p.m. Sept. 5.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rock the Vote

Register to Vote: Rock the Vote, powered by Credo Mobile