Friday, July 31, 2009

San Marcos council filings to start Monday - Newstreamz

San Marcos council filings to start Monday

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The next city election in San Marcos is coming up fast.

Monday, Aug. 3, is the first day for candidates in the San Marcos City Council election to file for a place on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Lisa Marie Coppoletta, who lost her bid for the council against Chris Jones last Nov., long ago declared her candidacy for the Place 5 seat occupied by Councilmember Pam Couch. The incumbent has not declared if she will seek re-election.


It is a Good Friday with Dr. Katherine Albrecht

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Good News Friday // Lisa Marie Coppeletta

Katherine opens the show with the age old wisdom to hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil. She celebrates the fact that Legoland (California) is no longer using RFID tags to track visitors during their stays. Lisa Marie Coppeletta updates Katherine on the pet microchipping situation in San Marcos, TX.

Lisa Marie Coppeletta

Backwoods Home Magazine

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Council approves KBR for projects - San Marcos Daily Record

"Council approves KBR for projects" San Marcos Daily Record, July 25, 2009 03:23 pm

“Our county has given us a wonderful model by which to reject businesses with unsavory practices,” said Lisa Marie Coppoletta, who ran unsuccessfully for the council last year.

Council stays with KBR contracts - Newstreamz

Council stays with KBR contracts

Posted on July 27, 2009 at 2:40 pm By ED MIHALKANIN News Reporter
City council candidate Lisa Marie Coppoletta asked the Council to vote away the contract. Former mayoral candidate Daniel McCarthy spoke against the city having a contract with KBR, saying the company was “the equivalent of Wal-Mart.” San Marcos resident Bobby Sira opposed the contract because, in his opinion, KBR “has done unsavory things” and “has hurt our soldiers overseas.” Griffin Spell, who is managing Coppoletta’s campaign, asked the council to develop an ethics law that would prohibit the city government “from doing business with businesses that have been guilty of defrauding the US government.”

Monday, July 27, 2009

Chip law proposal could range byond city by Newstreamz

Chip law proposal could range beyond city

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Protesters came from the dog park to City Hall in March to protest a mandatory microchip registration law in San Marcos this past march. Photo by Andy Sevilla.

Executive Editor

A potential change in the animal enforcement code for San Marcos figures to have impacts in Kyle and in unincorporated areas of Hays County, as well.

More directly, dogs and cats in Kyle and unincorporated Hays County could soon wind up with mandatory microchip registration, even though neither Kyle nor Hays County provide for microchipping in their animal control ordinances.

The scenario emerges because Kyle and Hays County each contract for animal control services with the San Marcos animal shelter, the policies for which are set by the City of San Marcos. As it happens, San Marcos is once again about to consider mandatory microchip registration of pets, though under special circumstances. The measure would apply to animals that have been brought to the shelter for a second time.

The animal services advisory board in San Marcos reprised the issue of pet microchipping Wedenesday night with a public hearing on the potential revisions to the city’s animal control ordinance.

San Marcos took center stage in the national controversy about microchipping during the spring, after the city council passed mandatory microchip identification for pet dogs and cats last December. Citizens objected, turning out 300 to a March city council meeting before the council relented and asked the animal board to bring back a recommendation for voluntary microchipping.

The board brought back that recommendation, council enacted it and, four months later, the animal board is coming back with a new approach to microchipping, the ramifications of which go well beyond San Marcos.

The expunged legislation calling for mandatory microchipping across the board applied only to San Marcos, in effect, because it would be up to San Marcos animal control officers to enforce it. But the new measure would apply to any pet brought to the animal shelter, which takes pets from Kyle and unincorporated Hays County because the City of Kyle and Hays County contract with the city animal shelter for their sheltering needs.

Kyle and Hays County each has a representative on the animal services advisory board in San Marcos by virtue of those contracts. Kyle CIty Councilmember David Salazar, the Kyle representative on the San Marcos animal board, chaired Wednesday night’s meeting.

San Marcos Assistant Director of Community Services Mark Brinkley and Animal Services Director Bert Stratemann confirmed Wednesday night that the proposed policy would apply to any animal that winds up in the shelter for the second time, regardless of the animal’s residence.

Stratemann said that though Kyle and doesn’t require microchipping, its agreement with the San Marcos animal shelter provides that it abide by the animal shelter’s policies, even though that policy might be set by the San Marcos city government.

Salazar said he expects to bring the matter before the Kyle City Council for discussion, though he didn’t indicate that he would advocate for Kyle to institute a pet microchipping policy.

Only three people showed up for Wednesday night’s public hearing on pet microchipping - San Marcos City Council candidate Lisa Marie Coppoletta, her husband (Daniel Scales) and her campaign manager (Griffin Spell).

Coppoletta spoke passionately against the proposal, wondering aloud why the animal services board would bring up microchipping when the citizens and the city council have said they don’t want it.

“I believe, in March, our citizens resoundingly told our city council that we oppose mandatory microchipping for our pets,” Coppoletta said. ” … I am perplexed why you would ask for a public hearing when we’ve already told you what we think.”

Coppoletta added that the animal board is being “paternalistic” instead of listening to the people, that the animal board has not followed up on education measures promised during the microchip debate this spring and that a lack of transparency characterizes the board’s documentation.

Coppoletta told the board that if the proposal makes it to city council, the 300 protesters in March will be considerably exceeded by the next protest at City Hall. Furthermore, Coppoletta added, she will make numerous open records requests in an attempt to find out what’s really motivating the board’s persistence on the microchipping issue.

Spell also spoke against microchipping, saying that if the board forwards the question to city council, “All you’ll end up doing is embarrassing this board and getting us back on TV.”

In addition to the two citizens who commented on microchipping Wednesday night, Stratemann said the board has received two emails on the matter from citizens. Stratemann said both emails were in favor of the latest microchipping measure.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Podkast #4 - "Citizen Outsider Radio" - Monday @ 6:30 PM

I felt the most holistic way to begin the counter offensive regarding Animal Services Control Board advocacy regarding MANDATORY microchipping would be to deconstruct all my documentary footage and reconstruct a montage of how the advocacy has unveiled from February thru July. In the performance argument kritik "RFID Free Flow Show" we edit clips in February next to March for listeners to see how the advocacy is in motion like a moving target. Check out never before clips from our youtube videos archives.

Worked on this piece last night from 8:00 PM thru 8:00 AM after running into Furly Travis and Molly Hayes. Daniel and I were supposed to broadcast live at Wake the Dead, however we could not lock it in because our laptop computer could not sync with the server. However, throughout the week i kept being called to go to WTD. It was Furly's birthday and I am glad we went. Furly and Molly do much of their own independent music and it got me to thinking.

SHOW AIRS : Monday PM @ 6:30 Live - the montage is 18:33 minutes

Please feel free to copy and paste the html in the widget on the right hand side at blog talk radio. You can put the player on a website, myspace, your blog. There are also share functions for twitter and facebook. Please get the message out so that we will be mobilized to strike.

Podkast #4 description below:


performance argument kritik
audio montage
by Citizen Outsider Radio

The citizens have told the Animal Services Control Board thru participation at Educational Hearings, Pubic Hearings and City Council meetings how they feel about mandatory RFID microchipping of their critters. For this week’s edition of Citizen Outsider Radio we composed a “Free Flow RFID Show”.

Our podkast montage incorporates clips from heated public hearings, packed council meetings, live talk radios interviews, discussions with citizens, and protests to give insight into the deeper issues regarding mandating RFID in our community. One, Ethical/Religious issues and Two, the microchip does not get at the root cause of the problems of animal euthanasia and owners not finding their lost pets. Clearly San Marcos is taking care of a countywide problem regarding animal services.

Photobucket Thank you to the hundreds of residents who stood up for our rights back in March to make San Marcos the first city in the nation to overturn a mandated RFID pet ordnance. Lets continue our fight because the Animal Services Control Board is back this July placing it on their table.

So, short cut open a new window in your browser, hit f12 to pump up the volume and lock it in for a Free Flow RFID Show on Citizen Outsider Radio.

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Microchip Board Speech

Tuesday's Interview with Dr Katherine Albrecht

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"No" evidently does not mean "No" in San Marcos, TX. Katherine speaks again with Lisa Marie Copoletta about the fresh attempt by the San Marcos Animal Shelter Advisory Board to mandate the microchipping of pets. Katherine makes and substantiates the claim that microchips can and do cause cancer when injected into animals. She makes the connection between microchipping of pets, RFID chips in driver licenses and the Mark of the Beast.

City of San Marcos Animal Services Department

Lisa Marie Copoletta for San Marcos City Council

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tonight's Speech Before Council - Citizen Comments Period

Dr. Albrecht Speaks about my interview on Tuesday on her Monday show

On Monday's show, Dr. Albrecht speaks about the San Marcos microchipping issue which is coming back up again.

"Mandatory pet microchipping is on the agenda again in San Marcos, Texas. An update will be provided by Lisa Marie Copoletta on the July 21 broadcast."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dr. Katherine Albrecht Steps Up for San Marcos Again!

Tomorrow I will be on the Katherine Albrecht Show from 3 to 4:00! We will discuss the RFID which is being proposed AGAIN here in San Marcos, Texas.

Sunday's Radio Show from "Live and Let Live" The Rule of Law Radio

This is the podcast from Sunday's world wide coverage from The Rule of Law Radio. Gary Johnson, host of "Live and Let Live" is a wonderful and I enjoyed the hour long interview.

"Hour 1 Guest: Lisa Marie Coppoletta. Lisa discusses the latest situation regarding forced rfid microchip implanting in pets in San Marcos, Tx. The municipality is attempting to institute the practice only 3 months after citizens stopped the county from requiring mandatory pet chipping. City Council will hear citizens speak on the issue this Tuesday night, July 21. Visit Lisa’s website at for info on how to participate. Very enlightening concerning the power we really have to make change."

Podkast #3 - "Citizen Outsider Radio" - Tuesday @ 10:00 PM

Call in on Monday night to discuss Tuesday evening's San Marcos City Council agenda items.
What are your concerns and solutions?
Call-in Number: (646) 595-4831
7/20/2009 @10:00 PM - 60 Minutes

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Victory Garden - Harvey - Urban Gardening

Throughout the week we will post photos from our yield as it develops from our own Victory Garden here on Harvey. This is just one section of our small urban garden. Next we will have photos of our home made compost heap and thriving cucumber mound.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Issues: Veterans, Springtown, & RFID w/3 Live Radio Shows

There are three upcoming radio events where issues will be discussed regarding San Marcos City Council policies.

Live & Let Live - 90.1 FM
Sunday 7/19/09 @8:00 PM 1 hour interview with Gary Johnson

Lisa Marie's Podcast - Saturday 7/18/2009 @11:00 AM - 60 Minutes
Podkast #1 - "Citizen Outsider Radio" on Blog Talk Radio premiers this Saturday.
Topics Include: proposals for Veterans initiatives, economics of a vibrant downtown economy in San Marcos and prospects for creating sustainable green collar jobs. Then, we turn to Smart Action Events: City Council meeting this Tuesday where citizens should be aware of the agenda items relating to the Springtown & KBR issues.

Lisa Marie's Podcast - Sunday 7/18/2009 @11:00 AM - 60 Minutes
Podkast #2 - "Victory Gardens Revival Movement"
Topics Include: The history of Victory Gardens in America. The show will provide tips on getting started and special topics for gardening in apartments or duplexes aka urban gardening. Then, we turn to Smart Action Events: Animal Control Board is at it again. Do they really think the citizens of San Marcos want to microchip their pets.
7/19/2009 @11:00 AM - 60 Minutes

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Victory for Activism in San Marcos - Springtown Boondoggle Goes Down!

Newstreamz Video Extra - Springtown Mall Citizen Comments

"In this Newstreamz City Beat, we’ll bring you the citizen comment on the subject of the Springtown Mall redevelopment. Citizens and business owners spoke at Tuesday’s city council meeting."

Council denies incentive plan for center, By Anita Miller

“We need to focus on retaining businesses,” said Lisa Marie Coppeletta, a former council candidate. She noted that residential areas including those for senior citizens are in close proximity to Springtown and would be impacted by the redevelopment as planned.

“Your focus should be not to compete but rather complement pre-existing businesses,” she continued. “I stand firm against the item.”

Friday, July 3, 2009

Holding the Line With Local Activism: Two Victories for Liberty in San Marcos, Texas

Below is the video from speech on July 02, 2009 in Victoria, Texas. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul delivered the Keynote Address and my speech "Holding the Line With Local Activism: Two Victories for Liberty in San Marcos, Texas” immediately followed. The crowd of 500 withstood the triple digit June heat.