Monday, March 2, 2009

The Battle Begins - Message from Dr. Katherine Albrecht

Check out this link from Care2 regarding our efforts to stop mandatory micro chipping in San Marcos, Texas.

Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Visit - in person
Location:Texas, United States
"newsletter" , "Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Listeners" I flew this morning to San Marcos, Texas, to weigh in against the city's mandatory dog microchipping ordinance. Now that a dog has died in his owner's arms, it's time we alert local officials to the dangers posed by the chips and start saying "no." Chipping should be a voluntary decision made by a pet owner, in consultation with his or her veterinarian, after weighing the risks. It should never be required at the point of a government gun.


I will be in Austin, Texas, tomorrow (Monday) for a media tour and a book signing in the evening. If you're in Austin, please join me at Brave New Books, across from the UT Austin campus, at 7:00 PM. I'll be signing copies of "Spychips" and will have DVDs available, too. (Or
bring your own copy and I'll be glad to sign it!)

I'll be joined by anti-NAIS campaigner Judith McGeary, anti-REAL-ID campaigner Sheila Dean, and fellow radio host Deborah Stevens. Four freedom-loving activist chicks in one bookstore? Wow! I hope they have the fire extinguishers on standby.... I hope you can come and join us.
And if you're not in Texas, you can catch the video simulcast at starting around 7:00 Central.


Then on Tuesday, I'll be giving several talks in the San Marcos area (about 30 minutes south of Austin) on RFID, culminating in a candlelight vigil from 6:00-8:00 PM outside the San Marcos City Hall. All Texans are urged to join us and make your feelings known about mandatory microchip implants. Kids, dogs, friends, and guitars are all welcome. Local organizers will provide signs and flameless candles.

The vigil is being held in memorium for Charlie Brown (the chihuahua who died last month). We will gather outside the Council chambers during the San Marcos city council meeting which will decide the fate of the ordinance. I have sent an informational packet to the Mayor, to each
City Council member, and to each member of the Animal Control board, and offered to testify at the meeting.

Details on both events can be found at the
website under "Texas Protest." To learn more about implantable
microchips, read our FAQ at:


An interview I did with Bob Unruh of WorldNet Daily made it to the front page of the Drudge Report today:

The article sounds the alarm on Janet Napolitano's recent statements about dumping the unpopular REAL ID program in favor of the much worse "Enhanced Driver's License" program. (Can you say... Spychipped! RFID-laced! Remotely trackable! 30-foot read range! National ID card! NOOOO!!) I don't have to tell you what a bad idea that is.

The WorldNet Daily / Drudge article was based on an interview I did with Michigan State Rep. Paul Opsommer, which I have posted on my website


After all the bad news, I have some very good news. The world's most private search engine, Ixquick, is sponsoring me in an upcoming series of privacy videos. Starting in the next few weeks (as soon as we get the video studio set up) I will be recording one video per week on current privacy and technology topics. We'll keep you posted on where you can watch them as soon as the project goes live. Whee!

Meanwhile, I hope you've made the switch to Ixquick, the only search engine that has been third-party-certified (and certified by me) not to record your IP address. Given the way things are going these days, I urge you to dump the search engine "big guys" and made the switch. You
don't need your every search going into a DHS dossier.


That's it for now. Wish me luck and say a prayer for me -- and the dogs -- as I share what I know about microchip implants with the good people of San Marcos.

In freedom,