Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Issues: Veterans, Springtown, & RFID w/3 Live Radio Shows

There are three upcoming radio events where issues will be discussed regarding San Marcos City Council policies.

Live & Let Live - 90.1 FM
Sunday 7/19/09 @8:00 PM 1 hour interview with Gary Johnson

Lisa Marie's Podcast - Saturday 7/18/2009 @11:00 AM - 60 Minutes
Podkast #1 - "Citizen Outsider Radio" on Blog Talk Radio premiers this Saturday.
Topics Include: proposals for Veterans initiatives, economics of a vibrant downtown economy in San Marcos and prospects for creating sustainable green collar jobs. Then, we turn to Smart Action Events: City Council meeting this Tuesday where citizens should be aware of the agenda items relating to the Springtown & KBR issues.

Lisa Marie's Podcast - Sunday 7/18/2009 @11:00 AM - 60 Minutes
Podkast #2 - "Victory Gardens Revival Movement"
Topics Include: The history of Victory Gardens in America. The show will provide tips on getting started and special topics for gardening in apartments or duplexes aka urban gardening. Then, we turn to Smart Action Events: Animal Control Board is at it again. Do they really think the citizens of San Marcos want to microchip their pets.
7/19/2009 @11:00 AM - 60 Minutes