Tuesday, November 11, 2008

78666.com - Home Page

The story at the home page of 78666.com was just awesome and appreciated as the election was unfolding.

Here are some of the comments posted prior to November 4th:

Name: Walt
I see a clear choice in this election. This is between the two opposing philosophies that underlie life; service to self and service to others. Chris Jones is not a bad person, but he's in service to himself first and the electorate second. I think he'd support anything that would get him more votes. Lisa Marie has a long record of service to others. I don't think she would change an iota for any number of votes. To her, victory is achieving the goals she has set for this city and it's citizens. To Chris, victory is getting reelected.

Name: Lawrence
I've heard a rumor that the University Star will not print Lisa Marie's essay because Jones can't/won't write one. Anyone know more on this? A new "unfairness doctrine"?

Name: real jupiter
brad, its whinning meely mouse "know it alls" like yourself that make me want to eat dirt! Whoo hoo 1270!!! Man do you have to wear cork stoppers in your ears to keep all that mega gray matter from seeping out? I did not see your name on any ballot, wat up law dog?! Whom is wasting others time? How long have you been practicing and how many pro bono hrs. per month do you log?

Name: Brad
Sorry real jupiter, I am not a surrogate of Chris's and never went to this school. I actually scored above the Schools low standards on the SAT and went to UT Austin. Yes, it did take me 4 1/2 years to graduate from there but again, my 1270 SAT was to high for the SWTSU 850 minimum for attendance. I am an attorney here in San Marcos that is simply getting tired of the wasted seat that Chris Jones has held in place 4. As you have probably already figured out by now, my real name is not Brad.

Anyway, I am sincere in the fact that Chris Jones works harder to get elected than after he has been elected. He has done nothing since being in office and we have 3 years wasted in him already. I really wish that Lisa was just as serious about defeating him but that does not seem to be a reality. She is making a documentary on the political process and that is a shame. Between her and the idiot Dan Macarthy, they are wasting all of our time.

Name: James
Regarding yard signs - If you are serious LMC, put some signs out or quit yanking our chain for your documentary!


The total number of replies for this thread was 37-38 comments {they have changed the format since after the election and the stats are not appearing in interface} compared to the few comments on the incumbent for Mayor threads as well as those on her challenger Dave Newman with 8 comments on the story featuring his race.