Thursday, November 20, 2008 - Discussion Forum Threads - "Online Debate {place holder}" Hoopla Continues

The discussion at is heating up even post election regarding the online debate that I challenged the incumbent in which he first agreed and then refused. His rejection of an online open forum following a series of phone calls attempting to line up the debate {all recorded on video} aired for 24 hours on online at youtube and I posted the link to while the video was available. The clip will appear in the documentary.

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“LMC proved one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt, Chris Jones is a liar. Her recording of him was perfectly legal in Texas and 37 other "one party" states. I still think Jones is a "professional politician" treading water on the city council until an open seat at a higher level is available. That he is rather dull, unimaginative and incompetent makes him somewhat likeable (or at least acceptable) to us no-growthers.”

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