Friday, October 3, 2008

CONA Debate Footage & Written Responses

The following were my written responses:

You can submit your answers as a Word document that is attached to an email, or you can include your answers in the body of an email. Thank you for your participation.

1. The city will soon adopt the Downtown Master Plan. If elected, how would you help to implement it? How long would you take to implement it?

Measures on a State level are already in place for my economic plan to work in tandem with the Downtown Master Plan. Film abatements foster increased “tourists” in the form of production crews to our restaurants, hotels, boutiques, specialized service industries and coffee houses. They also create a face for San Marcos on an international stage showcasing our downtown, historical district and surrounding areas. Long term productions create jobs for all forms of work such as high tech, construction, tailors, set decorators, and background acting opportunities. Texas State students could intern for major motion picture productions in a variety of capacities. In addition to productions, film and music festivals would also provide immediate economic return on our investment in terms of measuring time frames for effective solutions for the Master Plan.

2. Do you support the SF-6 limitation on the number of unrelated people living in a house in a single-family neighborhood?
The Land Development Code states that an area zoned SF-6 is “restricted to occupancy by a family and up to one other person who is not related to any of the family members by blood, legal adoption, marriage, or conservatorship.” (Land Development Code Section, p. 89)

Yes No Why?

I support zoning that’s fashioned from open discussion and is implemented via consensus by all stakeholders i.e. property owners, real estate investors, primary and affordable housing candidates. The ultimate resolution to the over arching problem that gave rise to SF-6 might be better served if the code is applied on a case by neighborhood basis. Neighborhoods are the genesis for cooperation and stability and all elected to serve are entrusted to protect the quality of life of his or her community.

3. Do you think that the city should encourage and perhaps help small businesses that might be founded here or that might come here?
Yes No Why?

If your answer is yes, what suggestions do you have for encouraging and/or helping small businesses?
The small business community is the lifeblood of San Marcos. My economic plan is targeted at boosting clientele and expansion opportunities specifically for small business in San Marcos. I have publically extrapolated on this position in each debate and open forum that I have been invited. My plan will also afford our residents and area youth with opportunities to create their own small businesses. A proactive approach to attracting motion pictures to San Marcos would include: increased, scouting location booklets, initiatives working with Governors office to attack feature films, television commercials and network television episodes. If you would like to review more of my research on these topics please visit my website at