Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate thought process reflections

I have pleasantly discovered how old school is cool and although the computer is awesome for synthesizing the data, for actual speaking notes handwritten works best. Debaters love the PM prior to a debate. All the cramming in, all the thinking….the big picture, the micro level, how the argumentation intertwines.

Perhaps it is mental muscle memory from years and years of debate actually blocking out the arguments "cut and tape, cut and tape" as my friend Carol K. always used to say. As if the handwriting of it all was assisting us in learning all aspects of the issue, at least for those of that wrote our own blocks when we were in round advocating the positions. And, years and years of flowing argumentation visually on a flow pad. Mental mapping.

I usually like to block out the final arguments right before the debate as the adrenaline is going and my mind is working overdrive. This seemed to work for the SMABOR, Builders Association and ASG venues.

And, in the end it is what is in your heart that ultimately comes across to the audience. An awesome clip

Maybe it is just my learning style of kinesthetic

I am so honored by the authentic responses that I receive on a daily basis to our campaign.
Thank you to everyone for such kind words!