Saturday, October 25, 2008

South Side Cancelled

Like the Southside event being cancelled is a big surprise.

Hello All,

I'm so sorry to announce that the Meet and Greet dinner at Sunrise Village this Wednesday the 29th has been canceled.

We found out that most of our seniors voted early, and subsequently sign-up rates for the event were super low.

Southside is grateful that you were all willing to come together on such short notice, at crunch-time, to acknowledge the importance of our senior population. Everybody's enthusiasm about the event was inspiring - It's a shame we don't get to follow through. Next year we'll rally you all a little earlier on the campaign trail, and catch the seniors before they race to the polls.

*** We apologize for the inconvenience***

Please reply to this email so I know you're aware of the cancellation. I'll be making follow-up calls on Monday if I haven't heard from you by then.

Thank you,

Yvonne Paris
Programs Director, Southside Community Center
(512) 392-6694 Ext. 28
(254) 702-3931