Monday, February 2, 2009

$78,000 spent on city website - NO UPDATES RSS FEEDS for Council Agenda

This issue was raised in ALL of the debates that I participated during my 2008 race for City Council, Place 4.  One would think that this concern regarding posting updated RSS feeds would have been resolved by now.  But, NO.  The RSS feeds are still from July 2008 for the Council Agenda. Here, check the page yourself.  And, this is the main list of RSS feeds for the City of San Marcos.

I can't help but wonder if those TML conferences they attend, which cost the taxpayers so much, ever have RSS workshops.  It literally takes an hour to learn how to create a feed.  Is there someone at city hall with some RSS skills? Where did the $78,000 go? Does the City NOT think the agenda is an important item to be posted online.  This is particularly relevant since the muniAgenda is quite difficult to navigate.