Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dr. Katherine Albrecht - Updates on San Marcos, WED

Wed., February 11, 2009

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She has had one of those days // Super Bowl Ads revisited - GE Smart grid // The GE Smart grid // Getting into your house through the power grid // "The Home of the Future" // Google & the smart grid // Cutting Boards & Teflon // Nolan's world // Jeremy's world // Dog poop in a can? //

Katherine discusses the GE Smart grid Super Bowl Ad. Katherine discusses how the GE Smart grid works. Katherine discusses "The Home of the Future." Katherine discusses Google & the smart grid. Callers weigh in.
Scarecrow - a GE ad Focuses on Smart Grid Technology
Wikipedia: Smart Power Grid

Hour 2 ( Download the MP3 )

More on the smart grid // Dave's world // It's the fruit, man // Alexander's world // RFID mania runnin' wild // Company names // Gold prices // San Marcos protest //

Katherine continues to discuss the smart grid and implications. Katherine discusses topics that callers bring up. Callers and emailers weigh in.