Friday, February 6, 2009

Past as prologue: How to win a city election - Newstreamz Analyzes 2008 Election

Just recently found this article online at Newstreamz the story provides analysis from the 2008 election.
"Incumbent San Marcos Councilmember Chris Jones of Place 4 easily prevailed against challenger Lisa Marie Coppoletta, receiving 6,168 votes to her 4,925. Jones won by carrying north and south side precincts.

Jones carried the traditionally African-American precinct 111 and other south side precincts 113, 116, and 120. Further, Jones carried precinct 315 and swept the north side, carrying 330, 332, 334, 336 and 446. Jones’s top precincts were, in order, 315, 332, 334, and 336."

Coppoletta carried four precincts, all on the south side - 114, 112, 121, and 110.

Coppoletta’s showing could be attributed to her vigorous campaigning and, possibly, to Narvaiz’ strong showing on the south side. Although the campaigns were completely independent of each other, it is possible that Narvaiz’ presence as a female on the ballot helped Coppoletta as another female candidate."