Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Firefox Add Ons

Firefox Add-ons offer a way to organize all social media in one place. With a click of a button delicious bookmarks are created. With another click, onto a separate delicious icon, a sidebar displays all tags in file folders for quick access. Or, go directly to your delicious bookmarks with another quick link icon.
The tinyurl add-on is an outstanding time saving device. Rather than copying and pasting url to the tinurl webpage, just click and it is converted.

Your myspace and facebook are logged in along with twitter for real time updates flashing as you work, such as entourage updates of incoming mail. Each of these add-ons provides flexibility and functionality while browsing online. There is a button to add article to your facebook profile or sharing via facebook e-mail tool. View friends status updates on lefthand sidebar.

There is even a toolbar with a direct link to filefolders on your hard disk drive.

At the bottom of the screen one can click to itunes or pandora. The add-on allows one to toggle thru music applications with just one click.